Post-Mortem: Server downtime on February 15 2018

The Small Improvements application was unavailable between 11:40am and 12:40pm Pacific time.

All requests during this timeframe timed out, making it impossible to navigate the application or even save feedback. We’re very sorry about this disruption to our customers’ productivity.

We’re hosting our application in the Google Cloud, meaning we rent servers and database space at Google. Incidents like these are very rare as the Google infrastructure is really robust, but sadly even the best infrastructure sometimes fails.

The incident has been confirmed by Google’s status dashboard, the exact details of the incident are being tracked over here.

Sadly there was not much we could do other than raise the problem with our contacts at Google, and keep customers informed of the downtime, but we’re glad the error has been resolved. Again, we wish to apologize to those affected.

Kind regards,
Per and the Small Improvements Team