“Small Improvements was the godsend answer.”

Small Improvements is a really great tool because you have everything in one place. You can review peers, look back to things you’ve done in the past, and check in on your personal stats and company stats to align them to the goals you want to achieve.

We practice a concept called feedforwards on a monthly basis. Feedforwards are all about telling people what we appreciated from them in the past, and what they can improve on in the future. Our feedforward process has taken a little bit of work, but Small Improvements is very powerful and we were able to customize it to get what we wanted out of it. All we needed to do was tweak certain words in the software, change the time settings and it worked perfectly.

Not only is it really easy to provide updates and keep track of where you are in the feedback process, but you can also break things down by person, department and company; or by objectives and key results.

Our culture is really special because transparency and communication are the core of our company. We would recommend Small Improvements to any company that wants to have timely feedforwards in a very safe environment. If your business has challenges with communication between peers, or if you don’t want peer-to-peer conflict to be a factor that lingers within your company – I think Small Improvements is the perfect solution.

Tim Sae Koo


Jessica Young

People Operations Manager

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