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Nudging great manager habits

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Small Improvements has teamed up with LifeLabs Learning on a monthly learning series for HR and People Ops professionals. Hands-on, virtual, and free of charge.

Each month, we’ll focus on one tipping point skill that will have a visible impact on your work – and your people. You’re guaranteed to come away with at least one small improvement you can implement to help your managers become better managers.

Workshop #5
Feedback Clinic: Tools for difficult conversations

Build a shared pool of knowledge on how to handle difficult conversations well – to grow, adapt, and improve as an organization.

What we’ll cover:

  • Building confidence before tough meetings
  • The science behind saying messages well
  • Steps to improve difficult conversations
Workshop #1
Helping managers give better feedback

Learn how to give and receive feedback, and create a culture of effective feedback within your organization.

What we’ll cover:

  • Common feedback challenges
  • What good feedback givers do differently
  • Creating a continuous feedback culture
Workshop #2
Nudging inclusive leadership behaviors

Empower managers to leverage difference, make sure every voice is heard, and create a space where people can do their best work.

What we’ll cover:

  • What makes inclusive leaders different
  • Strengths & gaps in your leadership culture
  • Micro-inclusion habits you can use today
Workshop #3
Career Growth Lab: Helping employees develop faster

To be happy at work, employees need to have a feeling of growth. You’ll walk away from this workshop knowing the skills you need next.

What we’ll cover:

  • Ideas and formats to deepen the growth culture at your organization
  • Your growth as a people advocate
Workshop #4
Improving 1:1s across the organization

Help people hold better 1:1 meetings. The result: quickly increase employee engagement scores and productivity across the org.

What we’ll cover:

  • Typical issues you see with 1:1s
  • Skills involved in holding great 1:1s
  • A simple framework to boost engagement

Feedback from participants

“I loved that we were expected to be engaged and participate.”

“What you can improve? Ironically for a feedback themed session, nothing springs to mind!”

“I liked the energy and the content 🙂”

Why you should join

Refreshing and scientific
Workshops are short (1 hour) and packed with research that appeals to data-driven minds.

Tipping point skills
All skills are not created equal. Discover the smallest behavior changes that make the biggest impact.

Interactive and hands-on
Break down a skill into its most useful components, then apply it to something you are working on NOW.

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Workshops start at 12 p.m. Eastern Time.
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It’s virtual! All you need is a computer with
a camera and an internet connection.

And again, it’s free! So there’s nothing
to lose and a lot to gain.

Meet the organizers

LifeLabs and Small Improvements share a passion for positive change through simplicity.

LifeLabs provides training to companies worldwide, in person and virtually. We research the skills that make the biggest difference at work and home and convert them into workshops, events, and experiences. Learn more

Small Improvements is an ongoing performance management platform that helps employees grow and succeed. Geared towards the needs of SMBs, it’s a highly configurable and intuitive tool. Learn more