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Nudging great manager habits

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Empower your managers

Are you an HR professional who wants to increase manager effectiveness in your organization? Then you’ll love this 3-part workshop series! It’s hosted by the innovative training provider LifeLabs Learning and joined by the feedback experts at Small Improvements. In interactive video sessions, we’ll dig into the top 3 areas you can optimize to help your managers become better managers.

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Workshop #1
Help people give better feedback

Acquire the skill of giving great feedback, learn how to nudge this behavior, and banish blurry, unhelpful feedback.

What we’ll cover:

  • Common feedback challenges
  • What good feedback givers do differently
  • Creating a continuous feedback culture
Workshop #2
Help managers work smarter

Tackle the 4 major categories of issues that affect productivity: time awareness, prioritization, organization, and focus.

What we’ll cover:

  • Common productivity issues
  • The key skills related to prioritizing work
  • How to set and track goals
Workshop #3
Improving 1:1s across the organization

Learn how to hold 1:1 meetings that help you optimize certainty, autonomy, meaning, progress, and social inclusion.

What we’ll cover:

  • Typical issues you see with 1:1s
  • Skills involved in holding great 1:1s
  • A simple framework to boost engagement

Why you should join

Free of charge
LifeLabs workshops for individuals usually cost $250/person – but these ones are on us!

Refreshing and scientific
Workshops are short (1 hour) and packed with research that appeals to data-driven minds.

Focused on tipping point skills
All skills are not created equal. Discover the smallest behavior changes that make the biggest impact.

Break down a skill into its most useful components, then apply it to something you are working on NOW.

Meet the organizers

LifeLabs and Small Improvements share a passion for positive change through simplicity.

LifeLabs provides training to companies worldwide, in person and virtually. We research the skills that make the biggest difference at work and home and convert them into workshops, events, and experiences. Learn more

Small Improvements is an ongoing performance management platform that helps employees grow and succeed. Geared towards the needs of SMBs, it’s a highly configurable and intuitive tool. Learn more