“So easy to kick off reviews”

Leanne Perryman, Quiksilver

“Very intuitive end-user screens”

Joel Constable, Pinterest

“Helps me keep my process on track”

Laura Chuck, Lyft

We help great companies improve.

  • Objectives

    Set and track objectives and keep them private or public.

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  • Communication

    Send messages, capture notes, and praise people.

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  • Reviews and 360s

    Simple performance reviews and 360 degree peer feedback.

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basic administration


Track goals and objectives

A streamlined user interface allows staff to define their short- or longterm goals and objectives easily. Automatic reminders keep people on track, and managers in the loop.

Powerful administration

No company is the same, so our objectives feature comes with plenty of configuration options to fine tune the process to your needs. And you get a bird's eye view into who works on what. Watch the video for details.


Praise & Kudos

It's so easy to send a quick praise. Share it publicly or keep it private, your choice. All feedback gets collected and is available at your fingertips when providing more formal feedback.

Take notes

Want to track notes about people, for instance after a 1:1 meeting? Perfect. Small Improvements helps you track notes, and you can share them with your team member or other stakeholders selectively.

End user perspective of reviews


End user perspective of reviews
Setting up review cycles


Setting up review cycles
Tracking process of your 360s


Tracking process of your 360s

Performance reviews

Drop the painful annual review - Small Improvements makes it easy to conduct two or three review sessions per year, which take into account continuous feedback, previous peer reviews, and signals from 3rd-party tools too, making reviews more balanced and concise.

360 degree reviews

Want even more balanced feedback? Set up bottom-up reviews, peer feedback sessions, or invite external parties for input. Highly customisable for the admin, but dead-simple for the end user. Nominate your reviewers, provide feedback, done.

  • Hand craft your performance feedback process.

    Small Improvements is a tool that allows you to deploy a custom feedback process for your organization. Give managers a place to capture 1:1 notes, mentor reports on objectives, or enable coworkers to congratulate on a job well done. All of these supplies will be available for reference come review time, simplifying everyone’s life.

  • Integrations with 3rd parties

    While we concentrate on performance management and feedback, we integrate with 3rd parties for your convenience. Sync your users with BambooHR HRIS or other HR core systems. Integrate with Slack to notify staff about updates in Small Improvements. Pull in your JIRA tickets and Confluence contribution, or stream Bonus.ly awards. Enjoy easy single sign on via Google Apps, OneLogin or Okta, or other identity providers.

    • Slack

      Slack is a popular messaging app. Our new Slack integration adds two main capabilities: New content inside SI is propagated to Slack users, and Slack users can now send SI praises directly from within Slack.

    • Atlassian

      Atlassian’s Confluence and JIRA are the perfect combo of tools for Agile development teams. Small Improvements integrates individual contribution to help you write more balanced performance reviews and 360 degree feedback.

    • OneLogin

      OneLogin is a web based middleware that connects the cloud applications you use with your internal Active Directory or LDAP servers. We use the SAML based Single Sign On option for easy access to Small Improvements.

    • BambooHR

      For a fully fledged employee database system, integrate with BambooHR. We provide a seamless two way integration. Users are automatically synchronized and Small Improvements content is displayed inside BambooHR.

    • Google Apps

      Integrate Small Improvements into your Google Apps deployment. Your users can seamlessly switch from Google Apps into Small Improvements without having to log in ("SSO").

    • Okta

      Okta helps you achieve Single-Sign-On (SSO) with Small Improvements to your local (or cloud-based) AD or LDAP usr base.

    • Authy

      We integrate with Authy, a security provider that helps implement 2-step verification and which comes with a convenient smartphone app, so you don't need to rely on sms tokens.

    • Bonus.ly

      Are you using Bonus.ly to award micro-bonuses between staff? We can display all the bonuses awarded and received, so they get taken into account during reviews and peer feedback sessions.

  • Pie-time – reporting at your fingertips

    Our yummy pie charts and tasty baguette bars make your life a breeze. Easily track progress, send nudges, and identify trouble areas, saving you valuable time that can be spent planning your next employee recognition extravaganza, or anything else important.

What our customers say

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    It's super easy,
    lightweight and intuitive
    Graham Moody,
    People & Culture Manager
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    Incredible tool for
    companies of any size
    Katelin Holloway,
    Director of People & Culture
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    Easy to use,
    pretty to look at!
    Kim Rohrer, Head of People Operations
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    A great system to nurture
    a culture of excellence
    Robert Castaneda, CEO
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