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What is it?

A web-based performance review system that simplifies 360 degree feedback, performance reviews, and setting goals. Simple and pretty. And affordable.

Who is it for?

Small to medium-sized companies who want to increase productivity, communicate more effectively, and recognize and retain great staff. See examples.

How to use it?

Check out how you might combine the features throughout the year to see how everything fits together. Or decide how to mix and match the ones you need! Take the Feature Tour!


Feature overview

The 2D performance review assessment chart

Performance reviews done right

Really easy to use: Write your assessment, position the "Performance dot", select a rating, click "Share" ... and you're done! All on one single screen. Learn more

Small Improvements puts everything on a single screen: Self-assessment on the left, manager's assessment on the right, additional resources like previous reviews, 360s and objectives at the bottom. No need for clunky processes, just write, share, sign, and you're back to "real" work in no time. Learn more about online performance reviews

Request 360 degree review feedback

360 Degree Feedback

Collect feedback from your peers. Anonymously of course. Get insight from the people who know you best, and give feedback to them too. Learn more

360 degree feedback is an important cornerstone in making performance feedback more democratic. During a 360 cycle, you'll nominate your reviewers, your manager double checks that list, and then these people provide you with anonymous feedback. Read more about how to gather 360 degree feedback online

Objectives overview: Let our application show you what your or your team's objectives for the next quarter are

Objectives: Once you've completed your performance review, you'll want to set new objectives for yourself, or for your team members. Some of these objectives may be public, others just between you and your boss, other entirely private. As a manager, you may want to check back and see how far your direct reports have progressed. It's all dead easy. Continue reading about setting your own objectives, or see how to manage objectives company-wide.

Share and Manage Objectives

Define your quarterly objectives and share them. Or write your longer term career plans — and keep them secret. We support all typical use-cases. Learn more
All performance reviews at one glance, with plenty of options

Report and Track and Nudge

Reports at your fingertips. See the status of all reviews across the entire company. Filter, nudge people into action, and solve problems early. Learn more

We make reviews really simple for everyone. Still, you need some way to find out about the status of your entire organization. Even if just 10% of staff are running late, that's 20 people to chase in an organization of 200. You'd better know who they are! And nudge them in time. Read on about tracking reviews across the organization.

Visualise performance reviews to compare and calibrate

Calibrate and Compare

Depict your team or even the entire company on a 2D performance chart. Filter, compare, and help middle managers calibrate their ratings. Learn more
All performance reviews can get displayed in a chart, using this affordable SAAS solution

Browse performance assessment grouped by teams. Managers get to see their own team, HR representatives see the entire organization, allowing them to spot issues and problems early. Read more about performance reporting.

Badges help you with social recognition

Badges and quick feedback

Share feedback frequently, recognize great achievements, help people improve. Our performance review system keeps track, so all your feedback is available later on too. Learn more

Screenshot: The Dashboard. This page includes an activity stream of what's been happening in your organization, plus buttons for quick access to commonly used modules, such as performance reviews, goals and objectives, 360 degree feedback and lightweight continuous feedback.

Performance review reporting software. This image shows how all the data is displayed in a single unified performance chart

Screenshot: Performance Reporting. This overview page lets you track the status of many performance reviews at once. Managers oversee just their teams, while HR representatives can oversee the entire organization so they can spot issues and address problems early on. Read more about performance reporting.

Screenshot: Awarding a badge with your feedback. Small Improvements lets you enrich continuous feedback with a neat selection of awards and badges. Select the recipient, write a few lines, pick a badge, and you're done! Learn more about badges

Screenshot: Tracking progress during performance reviews. Color-coding makes it easy to track progress visually: the color of a review indicates its status, and you can filter by status by clicking the pie-chart segments. Then nudge people into action using automated emails.

360 degree feedback makes the performance review more democratic: A single manager alone can't judge everything his direct reports do. 360 degree feedback lets peers and coworkers help! You could use email or Word files to run your 360 process — if your company just has 10 employees. But what if you have 50, 100, or even 500 employees? We can help! Find out more.