Help your employees grow and succeed

Give them the feedback they need with our toolkit for ongoing performance management. Reviews, Pulse, 1:1s, Goals and much more.

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Praise offers a fun and visual way for employees to give each other positive feedback

Ongoing feedback at your fingertips

Praise a coworker for a job well done. Request feedback any time, from whoever you want. Prepare for 1:1 meetings, and collect thoughts and action items afterward.

Small Improvements fuels your company’s ongoing feedback culture and integrates in real-time with collaboration tools like Slack and Gmail.

PraisePraise WallFeedback Requests1:1 Meetings

Praise offers a fun and visual way for employees to give each other positive feedback

Performance review self assessment
Performance review self assessment

Structured performance check-ins and 360s

Nobody loves overly complex 360s or old-fashioned performance reviews.

Instead, wrap up all the ongoing feedback into lean Performance Reviews and 360 Degree Feedback that truly helps staff grow.

Performance Reviews360º Feedback

Pulse Survey insights

Pulse surveys for live employee insights

Organizations need feedback too. Inform company initiatives throughout the year by using lightweight pulse surveys. Gather concrete data that helps you improve employee experience.

Get answers to questions that matter to you and your people. Track results over time to act on employee feedback and boost morale throughout the year.

Pulse Surveys

Pulse Survey insights

Small Improvements Objectives
Small Improvements Objectives

Keep it accountable with objectives

Define objectives that challenge you and help you grow.

Create and achieve key results without the burdens of micro-management.

Align to company goals, and collaborate with others on their goals too.

Objectives & Key Results

Loved by thousands of teams worldwide

“It's a really great tool because you have everything in one place. I kid you not, I thought it was the godsend answer.”

Tim Sae Koo, CEO at Tint

Tim Sae Koo


“I’ve been doing review roll-outs with different tools for over 10 years — Small Improvements is by far the best.”

Kim Broadbeck, VP of People & Talent at Strava

Kim Broadbeck

VP of People & Talent

“Incredibly easy to configure and get users onboard. We love nothing more than finding solution providers who share our thinking.”

Graham Moody, People & Culture Manager at Ansarada

Graham Moody

People & Culture Manager

Extremely versatile

Small Improvements is highly configurable. As an admin you can change and combine building blocks to suit your organization’s needs, and adjust the look and feel too.

We provide basic structure to save you time and make things easy. But you can also pick from tons of options to define review forms, 360 processes, survey questions, and objectives guidelines.


Useful integrations

To make performance feedback and goal setting even better, we’ve built many third-party integrations.

Sync your employees with your HRIS. Facilitate ongoing feedback in Slack. Single sign-on is a snap with Google Apps, Okta, and more. Stay on top of deadlines with our calendar integration.


performance review reporting table

A customer team you'll want to hug

Our product is entirely self-service, so you don’t have to call us to make changes. But sometimes you’ll want to bounce ideas off someone, get help, get feedback, or propose a product change. We’re available, by mail, chat or call.

Meet our Customer Team

performance review reporting table

And so much more!


Company Directory

In addition to all our features, SI includes a free company directory as well as a browsable org chart. No need for a dedicated extra tool.

International flags


The user interface is in plain English, and all content, forms, mails and date formats can be adjusted to any language and region.

Secured cloud

Secure by default

We’re in the Google Cloud, encrypt properly, and engage white-hat hackers to ensure we don’t miss anything. Read up on our security practices.

Bird carrying a piece of paper

No lock-in

If you ever decide to leave, you can take all your data with you. For example, you can export all reviews to PDF and get a full XML export. Learn more about our pricing.


Up and running in minutes

The system is entirely self-service. How quickly you want to roll it out depends on your timeframe. Either way, our support and success teams have you covered.

A hand holding a heart

Ethical company

Businesses do have an impact. What bank to use, what energy to consume, what work environment to provide. And whose money to turn down. Learn more about our impact.

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