Brand New: Your 1:1 Meetings!

Helping employees grow and succeed.

Objectives and Key Results

Set and align objectives, engage
your team, celebrate success stories.

Ongoing Feedback

Praise coworkers, take notes,
request feedback at any time.

Reviews and 360s

Structure feedback into milestones,
collect peer input for growth.

Feedback ecosystem

Employees use our tools to engage in interdependent feedback, all throughout the year.

1:1 meetings, goal setting, and realtime recognition are the heart of a healthy feedback culture. By building these into structured performance reviews and peer-feedback cycles, you establish development milestones.

Milestones become calls to action, goals are set, 1:1s scheduled, and the process begins again.

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Extremely versatile

Small Improvements is highly configurable. As an admin you can change and combine building blocks to suit your organization’s needs.

We provide basic structure to save you time and make things easy. In addition you have a variety of options to choose from when defining your review forms, 360 processes, and objectives guidelines.

Useful Integrations, no extra cost

The focus of our platform centers on performance feedback and goal setting. But we’ve also included many third-party integrations.

Sync your employees with BambooHR HRIS or other HR core systems. Increase engagement with our Slack and HipChat integrations. Single sign-on is a snap with Google Apps, OneLogin, Okta, and more. You can even stream into your review process.

Engagement Reporting

Help your team excel with actionable overview screens and participation charts. Track progress, power sort content, send reminders and identify trouble areas that require your attention.

Small Improvements doesn’t just focus on employee growth, but also provides HR admins with the tools they need to succeed.

Loved by 700+ customers worldwide

"Easy to use,
pretty to look at!"
Kim Rohrer
Head of People Operations
"I kid you not, I thought it was the godsend answer."
Tim Sae Koo
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Graham Moody
People & Culture Manager
"A great system to nurture
a culture of excellence"
Robert Castaneda