Product Release Notes

We roll out small improvements and bugfixes several times a week. In addition you can find all the larger improvements and feature releases in the list below.

We’ve just shipped a couple of smaller improvements to the 360 module. Learn more.
Don’t we all somehow still like email? But how to praise someone for a job well done when inside Gmail? How to take a note? How to request feedback?

We’re proud introduce a Gmail integration for Small Improvements.

Everyone likes to be acknowledged for a job well done. In fact, recognizing employees publicly has been statistically proven to have a positive effect on engagement and morale.

That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce a fully revamped Praise feature within Small Improvements.

New Feature: Advanced 1:1 Meeting support is now available for all customers. Learn more on the blog.
Improvements to performance review signing process: It’s now possible to keep signing reviews even if the time to edit has passed. More details here.
We’ve improved how secondary reviewers work. They now get a clearer call-to-action, they are included in notification mails, and admins can see who has a secondary reviewer and who hasn’t. Details on our blog.
Small Improvements just got a lot more interactive. Changes to a user’s content and replies and reactions are now displayed prominently, using a little red notifications icon. Learn more.
Staff can now request feedback any time, from anyone they’d like, using a structured yet lean 360 model. Learn more on our blog!
Not nominated to provide 360 feedback? Thanks to our “Proactive 360 Feedback” option on 360 cycles anyone may now provide 360 feedback, even if they were not nominated. Learn more on the blog.
We’ve switched our font to Avenir. Learn more on our Tech Blog!
We just launched our new HipChat integration, and we’re phasing out our JIRA and Confluence integrations. Learn more on the blog!
We renamed “Dashboard” to “Home”, and we added an easy way to add content from everywhere. Learn more
We’ve overhauled how you create and edit cycles. Learn more here
Our new “gems” help you finding advanced features better. More about gems
Want to know what’s happening inside your SI? Now you can! The new activity stream keeps you up to date on what your team and your company are working on. Check out the blogpost.
We’ve made it much more convenient to clone an objective to some or all people on your team. Learn more.
We’re on a mission to brighten up Small Improvements. Today we’re replacing the badges, objective icons and sample user images, and we’re adjusting the color palette too! Details here!
We’re replacing the sidebar cycle-list with a proper Upcoming Cycle Dates component, cleaning up the dashboard significantly. The feature is available to beta clients today and will go live for everyone on August 15. Learn more on our blog
We’ve improved our search experience even further, including cycles and allowing for keyboard navigation too.
We’re phasing out our iOS app. Usage was unfortunately low and the maintenance cost was too high in the long run. Learn more on the blog.
We’ve reworked our search bar, making access to team members much more convenient. Learn more here.
We’ve launched our new Responsive Design. All the details are in the blog!
We’ve overhauled several of the 360° Feedback screens, making it easier to set up cycles and to browse 360° Feedback. Screenshots on the blog!
We’ve dropped support for Gravatar, rendering colorful name initials instead. More details here
We improved the dashboard experience, letting you perform 360-related activities right inline. Learn more on the blog.
We improved our Slack integration, adding a new /note command, presenting objective updates more concisely, and parsing praises better. Learn more on the blog