Product Release Notes

We roll out small improvements and bug fixes several times a week. In addition you can find larger improvements and feature releases in the list below.

You can now export participation statistics for employee driven feedback requests. Click here to learn more in our help center.
It’s now possible to decide if you’d like to allow employees to submit their nominations for 360 feedback without manager approval. Read more in our support documentation here.
Looking to upload protected documents for performance conversations? It’s now possible to attach protected files to employee profiles. Useful for salary and bonus information, or performance improvement plans.
Having trouble keeping your department and team names consistent across employees? You can now restrict profile edits from the User Management settings screen.
It’s now possible for employees to respond directly to Pulse Surveys in Slack. We’ve additionally added up to 10 scale choices in Pulse questionnaires, as well as expanded filter options on the heat map.
Employee’s objectives can now be browsed hierarchically, making it easier to see if they are aligned.
Tailor your pulse surveys and spot patterns quicker. Adjust question scales for more precise results, and pick which questions should be optional. Then view results as heatmaps to quickly see emerging issues.

Updates to Pulse Surveys and Retention Analytics offer you actionable data even faster. Build unbiased surveys with our templates. Then see how our improved algorithm surfaces leave-risk predictions for more employees. Plus new filters quickly surface actionable retention insights.


Two new modules! Pulse Surveys provides frequent employee feedback to help you respond on the fly. With Retention Analytics, you can get clear and actionable insights on who’s leaving when. They’re bundled into one powerful Engagement and Retention Add-on, which you can try for free.


Our Slack app now reminds you of your upcoming 1:1s. It even allows you to add talking points and notes on the spot.


The email configuration page received a fresh look to help you customize your automated emails. Craft your messaging and turn emails on or off with ease. Set a custom sender name, like “The People Team,” that everyone will recognize.


The ratings chart in the Review Cycle overview has received an overhaul. See at a glance how ratings are distributed and easily apply filters.


Admins can now easily import and bulk update reviewers’ ratings, allowing for maximum flexibility in your performance calibration process.


Rather than using tricky slash commands, you can now create Praise in Slack with an interactive pop-up. Type /praise and hit Enter to try it out.


We’ve revamped the user profile page to make it easier to see a team member’s goals, public recognition, and feedback.


Our data shows that users who get notified about performance reviews via Slack are 25% more likely to work on them within the first 24 hours. So we made these notifications available to everyone.

We’ve added new question types to 360° Feedback to create a consistent experience across Performance Reviews and 360° Feedback.
When composing a Performance Review questionnaire, administrators can now add confidential questions. This is especially useful for calibration and promotion management. Learn more.
Admins can now add their organization’s guides and policies to the Helpful Resources sidebar so team members can see them in the app. Learn about adding custom content.
Admins and managers can now see that private objectives exist in a cycle. (They cannot, however, see the details of these objectives, which remain private.)
Notes for 1:1 Meetings now autosave as you write. Read about using 1:1 Meetings.
Reviewers can now kick off a 1:1 meeting directly at the end of a performance review, helping ensure important performance discussions take place. Learn more.
With our new calendar integration, 1:1 meetings scheduled in your Google Calendar or Office 365 will now appear automatically in Small Improvements. Set up the integration here.
Not all feedback has to be driven by HR. With our updated Feedback Requests feature, managers can now request feedback for their reports to help them grow. Learn more.
Performance reviews are only as good as the questions you ask. To help you collect a wider variety of feedback, you now have access to five new question types. Check out what’s new.

We updated the Performance Reviews overview to display all the reviews you’re involved in. This way, ⁠managers and employees have quicker access to their to-do items and past reviews.
Now you can select Custom Reviewers, allowing you to run more flexible performance reviews. Learn more about the update here.
We’re thrilled to launch our new 1:1 Insights dashboard, making it easier to manage and facilitate regular 1:1s within your organization. Read the blog post.
You can now include ratings or multiple choice questions in Performance Reviews, making it easier to gather and compare quantitative employee feedback. Learn more.
We improved the UI of our Feedback For You overview page, making it easier to filter and review feedback.
We revamped Performance Reviews to bring you a better writing experience. The new streamlined view makes it easier for employees to focus on writing their assessment. Check it out here.
We updated our Request Feedback feature to make it even more useful for gathering feedback. See what’s new.
We’ve made it possible to add attachments to Performance Reviews, allowing you to include more context to your assessment. Learn more.
You can now upload relevant documents such as role descriptions and feedback tips to employee User Profiles. Learn more about the update.
Gain greater insight into your employees’ 1:1s with 1:1 Meeting Visibility Settings. Learn more about how you can use the feature here.
Want to better guide your team to more productive 1:1 meetings? We’re excited to announce the release of our new 1:1 Meeting Templates. Learn more.
Introducing our new integration with Sapling, allowing you to sync employee data with Small Improvements automatically. Set up the integration now.
You can now add attachments to 1:1 Meetings. More details here.
Want statistics on who gives and receives the most praises in your organization? Now you can export Praise data to Excel or CSV by date range. Learn more.

The Helpful Resources sidebar is now available for Performance Reviews, 360s, and 1:1s, showing you all Small Improvements activities connected to an employee or manager. Learn more.
We’ve now made it possible to have different secondary reviewers for each performance review cycle. Learn more.
Having meaningful 1:1s just got easier! We’ve added a Helpful Resources sidebar to help managers and their direct reports stay on top of recent feedback and achievements. Learn more.
We’ve made several tweaks to the 1:1 Meetings and Objectives features. They look better, feel better, work better. Learn more.
We launched the Praise Wall 2.0, an even better way to celebrate employee success stories. Learn more.
We improved the 1:1 Meetings feature a fair bit, introducing titles, search, and a draft state, while axing the “completion”-status. Learn more.
Introducing scale questions to make it easier to ask very specific questions in 360 degree feedback. Learn more.
We’ve just shipped a couple of smaller improvements to the 360 module. Learn more.
Don’t we all somehow still like email? But how to praise someone for a job well done when inside Gmail? How to take a note? How to request feedback?

We’re proud introduce a Gmail integration for Small Improvements.

Everyone likes to be acknowledged for a job well done. In fact, recognizing employees publicly has been statistically proven to have a positive effect on engagement and morale.

That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce a fully revamped Praise feature within Small Improvements.

New Feature: Advanced 1:1 Meeting support is now available for all customers. Learn more on the blog.
Improvements to performance review signing process: It’s now possible to keep signing reviews even if the time to edit has passed. More details here.
We’ve improved how secondary reviewers work. They now get a clearer call-to-action, they are included in notification mails, and admins can see who has a secondary reviewer and who hasn’t. Details on our blog.
Small Improvements just got a lot more interactive. Changes to a user’s content and replies and reactions are now displayed prominently, using a little red notifications icon. Learn more.
Staff can now request feedback any time, from anyone they’d like, using a structured yet lean 360 model. Learn more on our blog!
Not nominated to provide 360 feedback? Thanks to our “Proactive 360 Feedback” option on 360 cycles anyone may now provide 360 feedback, even if they were not nominated. Learn more on the blog.