Our Mission and Vision


“Every employee at every company receives feedback that helps them grow, shine and succeed.”

We believe that feedback is crucial in helping good employees becoming great employees. From intern to CEO, everyone deserves recognition for great work, and the chance to learn from the feedback of their peers.

Company Mission

“To create an amazing employee feedback experience.”

From Support to Operations, from Marketing to Product, we all align to help our customers’ employees grow, shine and succeed.

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Our Values

Mission and Vision define the big picture, and our values define how we get there. When in doubt, we look at these simple items for guidance:

  • Be the change you seek

    Whenever you think “this is annoying” or “this could be even better”, don’t keep it to yourself. We encourage everyone to shape the company and its processes. Don’t just grumble, get up and make change happen, and rally others to help you.

  • Think like the customer

    When making decisions, always consider what the customer would prefer. Sometimes an entire extra mile is needed, but often it doesn’t require much to make a customer happy. Before taking action (or doing nothing), quickly put yourself in the customers’ shoes. It’s fine to say “no” to the customer, just make sure it’s an informed decision.

  • We’re a band, not rock stars

    We’re assembling a team of highly skilled people. Most of us could land a job as “rock star” at another company. But we’re here not for the limelight, we’re here to work together, to give each other feedback and to learn from others. Even the best in their respective field have to check their ego at the door and play nicely.

Company Pillars

  • People: We promote personal growth

    Only a great team can achieve great things, so we encourage every individual to get better all the time. Rather than hope for miracles, we all strive to make small improvements every single day. We look for challenges and shape the company and its processes to our evolving needs. We will make mistakes – and that’s fine. We’ll learn and do a little better the next time.

  • Sustainability: We're thinking long-term and building a company that balances passion and efficiency

    We want to grow a large and happy customer base. To achieve this we encourage bold ideas and take calculated risks. At the same time, we’re doing it in a financially sound way: We aim for being cashflow positive and we’re building a buffer in the bank, so we can enjoy workplace security.

  • Community: We work with responsible customers and partners, and give back where we can

    We believe that every person and every business should use what influence they have to make the planet a better place. We do our share, for instance we pay our taxes without using loopholes and we donate to good causes. We turn down customers that don’t align with our ethical standards, and we give back by providing free licenses to organisation we believe in. We open source code and knowledge where we can.