Pulse Surveys

Frequent employee feedback helps organizations respond on the fly.

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Improve employee experience all year round

Show employees their feedback matters with frequent surveys on topics relevant to you and your people.

Make engagement a constant priority. Gather honest perspectives with short surveys and surface specific issues with open-text responses.

Gather honest perspectives with short, frequent pulse surveys.

Base your decisions on concrete data

Run data-driven initiatives all year round with insights from frequent feedback.

Analyze quantitative data across teams and locations to understand what’s working and spot issues early on.

Make feedback a breeze, not a chore

Increase participation with your engagement efforts. Send out pulse surveys via Slack or email, wherever your communication happens.

Consolidate all your company feedback in Small Improvements to reduce tool fatigue, save time, and reduce costs.

Increase participation rates for your pulse engagement surveys. Send out questions via Slack and email.

“Small Improvements is a lovingly designed, high-quality product, backed by a thoughtful and responsive team.”

Michael Noonan

Head of Engineering at Octopus Deploy

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