Feedback Requests

Help employees improve with real-time peer feedback

Get timely feedback from the right people

Let employees take charge of their own development. With Feedback Requests, employees can request feedback from whoever they want, at any time.

Finished with a project or taking on a new role? Employees can ask for feedback immediately and put what they learn into practice.

1:1 Meeting Talking Points

Praise a coworker

Help your team learn and grow on the job

Not every feedback round has to be driven by HR. Managers can also create Feedback Requests on behalf of their team members to help them improve.

Gathering feedback for employees who may not be comfortable doing it themselves can be a great way for managers to support their team’s professional development.

Keep track of feedback

Feedback responses are displayed in one clear overview, so employees can see how reviewers align.

Past feedback can also be accessed directly from the Helpful Resources sidebar, making it easy to reference for more context in 1:1 meetings and performance reviews.

Discuss publicly shared objectives

"Small Improvements has been integral in helping us establish an ongoing feedback culture. It’s so much fun to share moments, celebrate team members, provide feedback, and learn from each other.“

Floor Havermans

People Grow Manager at Travix

Give your team the flexibility to ask for feedback as they see fit

Highly customizable

Employees can choose reviewers, what questions to ask, and who sees the feedback. Let your team configure the details to make requesting feedback a more personal and rewarding experience.

Feedback Templates

Asking for feedback is not always easy. That’s why we offer several questionnaire templates to help employees get started. As an HR admin, you can edit these templates or create your own!

gmail integration

Just finished a project? Request feedback from everyone involved directly from your email thread. Our Chrome extension for Gmail integrates feedback into your employees’ flow of work.

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