A kind word goes a long way.
Celebrate great work within your organization.

Recognize great work in real-time

A regular habit of recognizing employees benefits morale, team culture, and employee development.

Our Praise feature offers a fun and visual way for employees to give each other positive feedback.

Because who doesn’t like a digital pat on the back?

Praise with purpose

Employees can attach visual badges with Praise, making it more personal and fun to recognize one another.

Badges are also fully customizable. You can easily create your own, for instance, based on your company values to imbed more meaning to Praise.

“It’s so easy for anyone to write a Praise, and thanks to the Slack Integration it gets shared instantaneously. We always have dozens of interactions with those Praises. This creates a fantastic atmosphere within the team.”

Emma Fechney

Talent Business Partner at Door2Door

“Small Improvement’s Praise feature allows celebrating employees to be more public. Our Praise badges are tied to our core values, so Praise is all about giving shout outs and reinforcing the values.”

Danny An

Head of People & Culture at Influitive

Foster a culture of appreciation

Bring Praise into the real world. Our Praise Wall allows you to display a slideshow of your company’s Praises, so you can celebrate your employees’ achievements where they can see it.

By showcasing Praise for instance in the lobby or in the kitchen, our Praise Wall helps to foster a culture of recognition.

Make Praise a daily conversation

Our Slack integration collects public Praises and posts them within a designated channel, so the entire organization can instantly see who’s being recognized for their efforts.

Employees can also create Praises directly from Slack, making it even easier to recognize peers for a job well done.

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