Clear and actionable retention insights about who's leaving when,
without all the data wrangling.

Retention Analytics

Show your impact on employee retention

Our reports track turnover, early attrition, and tenure rates over time, so you can see the effects of the changes you've made.

Want to keep more employees through their first year? Experiment with your recruitment or onboarding programs, and then assess the results.

Take action to minimize regrettable attrition

Our machine-learning algorithm predicts which employees are most likely to leave, so you can take action before they do.

See which teams might need more attention by filtering turnover rates, tenure data, and leave risk predictions by department.

Get insights faster

Tired of spending hours exporting, cleaning, and organizing data to understand where you are on employee retention?

Clean, interactive graphs and tables make it easy to find the data you're looking for.

“It’s really our platform to make sure that team members are getting the feedback they need very consistently, to continue to grow and do better and better things, for Seer and also for themselves.”

Emily Allen

VP, People Operations at Seer Interactive

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