Small Improvements

About the Small Improvements team

We’re on a mission to improve how people give one another feedback to grow and succeed in their careers. Our platform for lean performance management is used by 700+ customers worldwide, and we keep iterating and improving it every single day.

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Our team

Our greatest pride is our amazing team. We love working with people coming from different backgrounds, and you will be welcome at SI whatever your origins, gender, lifestyle or quirks!

Activities and details

We love our work. We share updates on our product blog, and we also love to travel and enjoy life in general. Check out our videos from our recent company offsites, the slideshows about some of our recent company events and excursions below, or visit our Flickr stream.

What’s with the name?

The name was inspired by our CEO’s time at Atlassian. There were always tons of important mission-critical features on the product roadmap, and there was little time for all the small things. Ultimately only the intern’s time could be spared, and to make it sound more glamorous, he was named the “Small Improvements Team (of one)”.

So here at SI, we continue in that spirit, favoring (many) incremental improvements that actually provide customer value over big initiatives that too often fail.

Our values

Our values and mission statement is fairly short and sweet.

The most common value you’ll hear inside SI is “be the change you seek,” which we gleaned from Atlassian’s values. Rather than complaining about things that suck, we expect everyone at SI to fix problems wherever they run into them. Build server is too slow? Improve the code, or buy a faster one.

Beyond our long-term goal of helping people get better through feedback, we believe that transparency is important. We share our financials, product decisions, and hiring plans internally all the time, and sometimes even externally.

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