Feature Overview

Our performance management platform makes it easy to give and receive feedback, helping your team grow and succeed.

You can use any combination of 360 degree feedback, performance reviews, goals and objectives, 1:1 meetings, and realtime recognition. Keep reading to learn more!

1:1 Support

Regular meetings between manager and team member are the most effective way to keep teams engaged, to learn about issues and concerns, and to check in on personal growth targets.

Small Improvements helps preparing and taking notes afterwards.

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Objectives and Key Results

The place where employees document goals and track their progress over time, relying on immediate feedback as they work.

Changes are automatically relayed to the objective owner and their manager, and using our Slack integration encourages timely action and feedback.

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Realtime Recognition

If you want to recognize someone for a job well done, why wait? With our tools, colleagues can share feedback with each another at any point! Flexible visibility options give them the chance to expand the conversation to whoever would benefit.

Thus, project collaborators can offer ad hoc reactions exactly when it is most timely: praising them on their contributions or support, or offering constructive observations on areas of needed improvement.

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360 Degree Feedback

An employee’s ability to collect feedback from their peers is another way to provide your staff with a complete overview of their performance.

And a manager’s ability to not only rely on feedback about their reports, but also feedback from their reports, proves to be an invaluable tuning fork for them to utilize.

You can work with open-ended questions, have multiple choice or rated questions, or all of the above.

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Performance Reviews

An opportunity for managers and their reports to reflect on the ongoing feedback offered by peers, plus assess the impact their objectives collaboration has had on the employee’s success in their role.

Admins have flexibility in how they define the process. Customize the questions, define who participates, establish a cadence that suits your organization’s schedule, and even run different department reviews in cycle’s parallel timelines.

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HR Reporting

Save time and help your team move forward with actionable overview screens and participation charts. You can easily track progress, power sort content, send reminders, and quickly identify trouble areas that might need your attention.

Not just for employee growth, Small Improvements also gives the HR Admin the tools they need to be successful in their roles!

Useful Integrations at no extra cost

While the focus of our platform is performance feedback and goal setting, we integrate with many 3rd parties for your convenience.

Sync your users with BambooHR HRIS or other HR core systems. Increase engagement with our Slack and HipChat integrations. Set up simple single sign on via Google Apps, OneLogin, Okta, and more. Even stream Bonus.ly awards into your review process.

Performance management adjusted to your needs

Small Improvements is highly configurable. As an admin you can change and combine building blocks to suit your organization’s exact needs.

While we provide structure to save you time and make things easy – You have a myriad of options to choose from when defining your review forms, 360 process, and objectives guidelines.

Customer Feedback

"Easy to use,
pretty to look at!"
Kim Rohrer
Head of People Operations
"I kid you not, I thought it was the godsend answer."
Tim Sae Koo
"It's super easy, lightweight and intuitive"
Graham Moody
People & Culture Manager
"A great system to nurture
a culture of excellence"
Robert Castaneda

And so much more!

User Directory

You don’t need to consider a secondary tool just to let people browse your employee directory. Small Improvements makes it easy and simple.

Org Chart

Our org chart is great for selecting staff for reviews. But it’s even more awesome for every employee to browse the company’s structure.

Upwards Feedback

You don’t have to let staff pick their reviewers. If managers should get feedback from their team members only, we’ve got you covered.

Secure by default

We’re hosting on the Google Cloud, encrypt properly, and engage white hat hackers to ensure we don’t miss anything. Learn more here.

Full language support

The user interface is in simple English, and all content and forms can be adjusted to any language, including Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

Up and running in 3 days

The system is entirely self-service. It just depends on your own timeframe how quickly you want to roll out. Our support and success teams have you covered.


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