A brief tour of Small Improvements

We help your employees grow and succeed. Our tools excel at this by promoting: Continuous feedback, the setting and aligning of objectives, and actionable one on one meetings between managers and their teams.

We tie everything together with powerful performance review and 360 degree feedback functionality, turning your company’s ongoing performance dialogue into meaningful milestones.

Let’s follow the workflow of Maria’s team over a quarter:

One on one meetings (1:1s)

Maria knows that frequent 1:1 meetings with her team are key to establishing a foundation of ongoing feedback and goal setting.

Today, she clicks on a link embedded in the calendar event for her weekly 1:1 with Sarah. Sarah has already set some awesome talking points for their check-in happening later, and Maria quickly consults last week’s notes and action items before adding her own points.

Every meeting is threaded for added perspective, which is a life saver for Maria because come review time- She has every conversation in one place.

Time to have a meeting!


Based on some great feedback Sarah just got during her 1:1, she wants to adjust the recent Objectives she’s set for this quarter.

Within a couple of clicks, she is fine-tuning the key results for her goals. She also noticed that Sam left some feedback, so she quickly responds before updating the status on all her Objectives.

Sarah knows her manager gets a notification when her goals are changed or a status is updated, no need to remind herself to update Maria.

She is about send some praise to the new hire about her great first week- But first, it’s coffee time. 🙂

Realtime Feedback & Praise

Salma joined the company a week ago and already feels right at home. Her new teammate Sarah just sent her a lovely bit of recognition for Salma’s immediate contributions, even making sure to include their manager on the visibility settings.

This new gig is going to be awesome! Salma joins in on the praise party and writes a quick message about her whole team: “Thanks for making me feel welcome!” There are a few different kudos badges she could append to the note, but she goes with one that reinforces a core company value: Team building.

She can’t wait for the next 360 cycle so she can start getting expanded feedback from her new colleagues.

360° Feedback

HR has set up a 360 and Sam has been nominated to give feedback to his teammates.

He is a little apprehensive with being honest about Sarah’s recent struggles finishing projects, but relaxes when the tool informs him the feedback is anonymous. He also can easily reference Salma’s frequent praise, which he loves, and wants to make sure Salma knows that her positive energy is great for moral.

Sam is also super thankful that a cycle has been specifically set up for reports to give feedback to their managers. Maria is doing a fantastic job, yet Sam feels some constructive observations about team structure will have a big impact in Q2.

Performance reviews

Its review time! Maria has a lot on her plate with a growing team to write assessments for, but using Small Improvements is a timesaving breeze.

Sam’s great upwards feedback indicates he is definitely a key contributor.

Salma’s on-boarding was a success, and she looks to be a great fit. Time to focus on leveling up!

Maria is a little disappointed Sarah’s goals aren’t finished, reinforced by the candid feedback she got from her coworkers. She’ll gently work this into her assessment, motivated to figure out how to help Sarah succeed in the coming months.

Good thing a new quarter is starting, her regular 1:1 with Sarah is just around the corner, where Maria will set some Objectives which reference this review…


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