1:1 Meetings

Go beyond the status update.
1:1 Meetings are about more than just tasks.

Build trust and create stronger connections

A 1:1 is a chance for employees to connect with one another on a regular basis. This keeps you and your team engaged, informed and motivated.

Small Improvements is here to support you!

Prepare for better discussions

No matter the meeting, a little structure helps ensure a better flow. Plan an agendas for your 1:1 meetings with Talking Points.

Want to discuss a roadblock you’re facing in a project? Adding it to the Talking Points will give your partner time to brainstorm solutions beforehand. Both participants can contribute Talking Points to make sure key topics are addressed.

Document discussions and key take-aways

Left something unresolved in a 1:1 meeting? The Meeting Notes feature offers a place for both parties to add their thoughts afterward.

With all your notes in one place and easy to find, it's easy to remember what you talked about, with who, and when.

Never forget to follow up with Action Items

Now that you've had a great meeting, it's time to take action. Action items help you to record and track any important to-dos from your 1:1.

This provides accountability for any next steps. Nothing gets lost from meeting to meeting.

Guide important or difficult discussions

The key to great conversations is great questions. But what to talk about in a 1:1?

Our 1:1 Meeting Templates offer predefined Talking Points, giving meeting participants more direction on what to discuss. As an admin, you can also customize and add new templates to guide your team to more productive conversations.

Guide important or difficult discussions

As an admin, you have access to a handy dashboard that provides a complete overview of all the 1:1 meetings happening within your organization.

You can easily identify which managers are having regular 1:1s with their direct reports and which managers are not. Then send them a friendly nudge directly from the dashboard to ensure these valuable conversations routinely take place.

"1:1s are central to support our ongoing feedback culture at BuildaSign, so we’re very excited for the 1:1 Feature and how it facilitates better 1:1s."

Alli Smith

HR Business Partner, BuildaSign

"At OnDeck, 1:1s are integral for exchanging feedback. The 1:1 Feature helps staff capture notes and thus ensures accurate feedback during performance reviews."

Julia Budnick

Learning and People Development, OnDeck

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