1:1 Meetings

Go beyond the status update.
1:1 Meetings are about more than just tasks.

Stronger Connections

A 1:1 is a chance for employees to connect with one another on a regular basis. This keeps you and your team engaged, informed and motivated.

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Talking Points

No matter the meeting, a little structure helps ensure a better flow. Plan an agenda for your 1:1 Meeting with Talking Points.

Want to discuss a roadblock you’re facing in a project? Adding it to the Talking Points will give your 1:1 Meeting partner time to brainstorm possible solutions beforehand. Both participants can collaborate to guarantee all key topics are addressed.

Meeting Notes

Left something unresolved in a 1:1 Meeting? The Meeting Notes feature offers a place for both parties to add their thoughts afterward.

This also provides accountability for any next steps. Nothing gets lost from meeting to meeting.

Meetings Overview

For admins, we’ve built a handy dashboard that provides a complete overview of all the 1:1 Meetings happening within your organization.

We’ve added a couple of lightweight metrics as well. For example, admins can track the percentage of 1:1 Meetings over various time periods. See who are the high performers and who might need a nudge.

“1:1s are central to support our ongoing feedback culture at BuildaSign, so we’re very excited for the 1:1 Feature and how it facilitates better 1:1s.”

Alli Smith

HR Business Partner, BuildaSign

“At OnDeck, 1:1s are integral for exchanging feedback. The 1:1 Feature helps staff capture notes and thus ensures accurate feedback during performance reviews.”

Julia Budnick

Learning and People Development, OnDeck

1:1 Video Summary

A video says more than a dozen screenshots. Take a look at how all the pieces come together. Two minutes well spent.

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