360° Feedback

Open and honest communication is the foundation of successful teams.

With Small Improvements, you can craft your 360 process by department, around project collaborators, or even dedicate a time for your managers to get upward feedback. Our platform provides powerful options for facilitating every conversation.

Empower employees

Employees can nominate the reviewers they prefer. Once approved, those reviewers can share their thoughts via Small Improvements’ simple and beautiful interface.

In other cases, managers know best who should provide their team with feedback and will do the selecting. You can configure the reviewer selection process this way, and have multiple feedback visibility options.

Approval process

When employees are empowered to pick who gives them feedback, you can still have these selections reviewed and approved by their managers.

Managers are notified via email when it is time to approve, plus have easy to use home screen callouts for quick action. Once managers sign off, reviewers are notified to start working on their feedback.

Concise, Clear Results

Peer feedback can be a powerful gift. That’s why Small Improvements makes sure these messages are a pleasure to read.

Depending on how the admin configures the process, the results can consist of simple text bubbles or comprehensive stack charts. You can also make the authors 100 percent anonymous, so reviewers can feel free to be completely honest.

Completely Customizable

Your feedback process should be as distinctive as your company culture.

What will the questionnaire look like? Will the feedback to be delivered to the reviewee or just their manager? Will it be released immediately or on a specific date?

You can configure the settings in Small Improvements to work for you.

Reporting and Reminders

No need to guess who’s running late, or if an employee has been nominated too often.

Powerful overview screens give you total visibility into where the feedback cycle stands and who needs a nudge. Extract more data and analyze feedback with our diverse export options.