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Human-Friendly Performance Management

Creating a Performance Management Process That Works

This guide will help you design a performance management process that suits your organization.

A guide to performance reviews

How to make the performance review a meaningful and energizing conversation that is much more than a box-ticking exercise

A guide to 1:1 meetings

How 1:1 meetings strengthen relationships between managers and employees, and how to make them work.

Are true OKRs worth the hassle?

Objectives & Key Results have helped numerous tech companies, but they’re also notoriously hard to implement.

Human-Friendly Performance Management

This eBook will help you explore your workplace relationships and craft a human-friendly work experience.

The human-friendly workplace podcast

Engagement expert Jason Lauritsen interviews HR leaders to learn how they encourage and foster human friendly workplaces in their companies.

How to make 1:1 meetings time well spent

Everything you need to know to get started with regular 1:1 meetings.

Insights on HR trends

16 HR leaders and practitioners share insights on HR trends and where performance management is heading. Recorded at UNLEASH 2018 in London and Las Vegas.

Employee Experience

9 tips for creating a remote working culture

Find out what makes for a successful and productive remote working experience.

How Disqus hacked their way to better 1:1 meetings

Disqus’ HR department has established a series of resources for its managers to hold better 1:1 meetings.

Managing your career without managing people

We owe it to our team members to provide an alternative to the promotion-based career ladder.

Don't be afraid to change your company values

A company value should reflect your identity, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be timeless.

4 tips to improve employee recognition

We spoke with HR professionals from three of Berlin’s most successful startups to discover how they created a culture of employee recognition.

How to build the best internal mobility program

Is internal mobility the way to keep talented employees at your company? We spoke with Reddit HR to learn more.

Feedback Culture

5 ways teams benefit from peer recognition

Learn about the advantages of inviting the team to building a culture of appreciation across the organization.

Walk & Talk with Bill Boorman

Mini video series on how to give and receive feedback, handling tough situations, and internal mobility.

Feedback too critical? Try the feedforward approach.

HR expert Jason Lauritsen details a new approach for feedback-shy employees.

How to give (and receive) more thoughtful feedback

Why do we sometimes wince when a colleague offers up a friendly bit of constructive feedback?

The importance of early feedback for new employees

Why early feedback supports new hire success, and how to best implement an efficient and scalable process.

Company Culture

Helping managers become better managers

Learn from HR experts we recorded in London, SF, Berlin, Sydney and New York.

How to grow and scale culture the Reddit way

We invited Reddit’s People & Culture team to Berlin for an evening packed with insight and tips for HR managers.

Radical candor - The surprising secret to being a good boss

Care personally, challenge directly. Kim Scott explains how focusing on guidance is the most important thing you can do as a manager.

Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

This animated video based on Daniel Pink's book illustrates the hidden truths behind what really motivates us at home and in the workplace.

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