Goals and Objectives

Improvement starts with a plan! Set goals, ask for feedback, and align your goals with broader company objectives.

Small Improvements helps with all parts in this process, both from the individual and manager perspective.

Convenient setup

In no time at all you can start creating Objectives, detail specific targets, and define who your collaborators are. Outline your desired outcome, measure key results, and update your status to communicate progress.

Simple as can be with a powerful objective screen which organizes important information all in one place.

Share and discuss

Objectives are usually visible to a person’s manager, but visibility can easily be expanded for teamwork with other colleagues.

Notify mentors and peers you’d like input, kickstart a dialogue, and adjust the goal in real time. Updates are sent to you via mail, or Slack/HipChat.

Explore and manage

Are you looking to offer your support to a team member’s goals? Just use the browser to quickly find what you are looking for.

Objectives can be filtered by individual, team, or for the entire company. You can then sort objectives chronologically or by person.

Always up to date

Use the home screen activity stream to stay up to speed with goals your team is creating and updating.

Also ideal for alerts on your manager’s objectives, or perfect for a manager to see status and key results progress their reports are making.

Configured to your needs

Admins have agency in how they provide guidance and structure to their team’s goal setting process. Thus, the product follows your company’s approach- Not the other way around.

Do you want a status field or a completion percentage? Should objectives be public by default or private? Should staff assign priority through weighting? These and more are options you can leverage.

Align and analyze

Company directives can easily be reflected as part of your Objectives workflow.

Want to tackle customer churn in Q3? Or promote time management and efficiency in Q4? Just configure the Objective cycle accordingly, making it a breeze to analyze and report.

Slack/HipChat integration

Want real-time updates? Messenger integrations to the rescue! Once configured, all staff receive immediate updates via a bot whenever their manager or direct report updates their objective.

Publicly created objectives will also be served in a Small Improvements channel, so everyone may subscribe to real-time updates to objectives created within the company.