Goals and Objectives

Improvement starts with a plan!
Set goals, ask for feedback, and align your goals with broader company objectives.

Goals and Objectives

Easy to get started

Improvement starts with a plan. Whether you want to achieve a professional goal, or improve based on performance feedback, our Objectives module is key.

A simple but powerful objective screen organizes all important information in one place.

Outline your desired outcome, measure key results, and update your status to communicate progress.

Discuss and Collaborate
on Objectives

Objectives are usually visible to managers, but visibility can easily be expanded for collaboration with other colleagues.

Notify mentors and peers you’d like input, kickstart a dialogue, and adjust the goal in real time. Updates are sent to you via mail or posted in Slack.

Explore and Manage your team’s objectives

Want to support a colleague? Just use the browser to quickly find someone’s current goal.

Objectives can be filtered by individual, team, or for the entire company. You can then sort objectives chronologically or by person.

Always up to Date – Objectives Stream

Use the home screen activity stream to stay up to speed with goals your team is creating and updating.

The stream also provides alerts about your manager’s objectives, and lets managers see the status and key results progress from their reports.

“Tracking our company goals and Objectives in Small Improvements not only helps us work more collaboratively, but also makes our 1:1 and Feedback conversations simple and efficient.”

Katrina Bilella

L&D Associate at Gorilla

“I love how you can track Objectives over time and see what you were able to accomplish. Plus, you can compare those with company goals.”

Jessica Young

People Operations Manager at Tint

Highly Configurable

Your company’s feedback process should be as distinctive as your company culture.

Admins can provide guidance and structure to their team’s goal-setting process. Do you want a status field or a completion percentage? Should objectives be public by default or private? Should staff assign priority through weighting?

You can configure the settings in Small Improvements to work for you.

Align and Analyze Objectives across the company

Easily view your company directives as part of your Objectives workflow.

Want to tackle customer churn in Q3? Promote time management and efficiency in Q4? Just configure the Objective cycle accordingly, making for smooth analysis and reporting.

Slack Integration

Get real-time updates with our Slack integration. Once configured, all staff receive immediate updates whenever their manager or direct report updates their objective.

Publicly created objectives will also be served in a Small Improvements channel, so everyone can subscribe to real-time updates about objectives created within the company.

Ready to get started?

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