Slack Integration

Make feedback a part of your daily conversations

Integrate feedback into your workflow

Slack is the go-to messaging tool in many modern workplaces. Our two-way integration with Slack brings feedback into your daily conversations.

Employees can give each other public recognition and share 1:1 talking points directly in Slack. Plus, participate in pulse surveys and keep track of all your reviews, 360s, and objectives.


Praise in Slack

Boost employee recognition

Celebrate your employees’ accomplishments where they can see it. Our Slack integration posts public Praise to a designated channel, so every kudos is shared with the whole team.

Users can also send Praise without leaving Slack, which makes it even easier to recognize peers for a job well done.

Have effective 1:1 meetings

Don't be caught off guard by event alerts. Our Slack app reminds you of all your upcoming 1:1s.

To make every 1:1 worth the time, you can collaborate on agendas and take notes right in Slack.


Send out pulse surveys in Slack or email, where your team communicates.

Increase participation in engagement surveys

Too many engagement surveys suffer from low participation rates. Don’t let your HR team’s work go to waste.

Send out Pulse Surveys via Slack and gather real-time employee feedback.

Stay on top of feedback cycles and objectives

Our data shows that users who receive notifications about review cycles in Slack are 25% more likely to start writing within the first 24 hours.

Spend less time chasing people while keeping everyone up to date on relevant Performance Reviews, 360° Feedback, and Objectives.

Objectives in Slack

slack integration

Make notes for later conversations

Maybe a conversation brings to mind some feedback for a co-worker or reminds you of a topic to bring up in your next 1:1 meeting.

Simply create a Private Note from Slack and send it directly to Small Improvements to revisit later.

"We were looking for more ways to recognize work well done at Duolingo, and Small Improvement’s Praise feature with Slack was the ideal solution. People across the company could praise their colleagues in real time and easily jump in to recognize their hard work."

Michaela Kron

Senior PR manager at Duolingo

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