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Monthly price $7 per user/month in US Dollars,
  • All features included
  • No additional or hidden fees
  • 25% discount with annual billing
  • Volume discount for 200+ users
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This is our new pricing as of October 15, 2017. Existing customers stay on the old pricing .

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Save 25% with annual billing
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or $6,300 per year
Save 25% with annual billing

What’s included? Everything.

Explore the full functionality free of charge for 30 days! No restrictions on features or the amount of users you can import, so feel free to test with a team.

Once you decide to move forward, the monthly price is $7 per user per month, minus volume and annual payment discounts.

The Fine Print

There are no set-up fees or additional hidden costs. We merely charge a minimum of $250 on monthly plans and $2,250 on annual plans, which equals 35 users.

30 Day Free Trial

You’re welcome to try SI with any number of users for 30 days. To get the best idea of what we offer, we encourage you to test drive with at least 10% of your staff.

Smooth Transition

Transitioning your trial account to a paid account is easy. Keep or delete trial data as needed, pay the invoice, and you’re ready to go.

No lock-in

You can leave any time, and take all your data with you. You can export all reviews to PDF for instance, and get a full XML export too.

Loved by 750+ companies worldwide

“It’s a really great tool because you have everything in one place. I kid you not, I thought it was the godsend answer.”

Tim Sae Koo


“I’ve been doing review roll-outs with different tools for over 10 years — Small Improvements is by far the best.”

Kim Broadbeck

VP of People & Talent

“Incredibly easy to configure and get users onboard. We love nothing more than finding solution providers who share our thinking.”

Graham Moody

People & Culture Manager

Frequently Asked Questions:

The free trial period starts the day you sign up and lasts for thirty days.
You’re piloting the “real deal” already, so if you’re happy with your trial, just add all remaining staff (for instance by importing them from an Excel worksheet). You can keep using the very same company account.

Since the initial sample users don’t count towards your licenses, it can even be advantageous to keep some of the sample users until you are confident with the tool.

We offer you a 25% discount if you pay upfront for a whole year.

The annual payment discount includes a 10% additional staff buffer to reduce administration headaches on both sides: If your organization grows at a moderate rate over the year, you can simply add a few more staff without having to pay for them. If you grow beyond 10%, we’ll just politely reach out and ask how you want to pay for the overage for the remaining billing period.

The first 200 users cost $7 per month. Volume pricing kicks in above 200 staff: You pay $5 per user per month for the next 300 users. Then the price drops to $3 per user between 500 and 1000, and to $2 for all users beyond 1000.

Here’s a handy table:

Number of UsersFirst 200201-500501-10001000+
Cost per user/month$7$5$3$2

Example: Let’s say you have 800 employees. Your total cost per month would be $1400 for the first 200 users, then $1500 for the next 300, and $900 for the remaining 300, resulting in $3800 per month.

Unfortunately, no. We’re happy to demo the product to you and your HR team, and we’re also happy to set up a second call to demo to your CEO or VP. If needed, we can do a third demo to your senior management team once you’ve decided to purchase.

We do encourage you to conduct a pilot phase, looping in some key managers who will help communicate the process to their teams.

We recommend for the HR team to demo the product to their entire staff upon kickoff. You can use our presentation material and videos for it, but we will not be able to attend those sessions.

Based on experience, people rarely struggle with the product itself. If they struggle, then it’s mainly about how to give feedback, how to set effective objectives, and how to have tricky conversation. This requires education that it very specific to your organisation, and unfortunately we can’t help with that.

We charge a minimum price of $250 per month. But there is no setup fee, no mandatory training, nor any other hidden fee.
It only depends on your own schedule. Small Improvements is ready to use from day one. When you sign up for a trial, you already get a proper account. Just remove any sample data you don’t need anymore, and you’re ready to go.

You should however set aside time to train your staff on general concepts of goal setting and feedback. This is especially important if it’s the first time you’re conducting and official feedback round.

We encourage customers to conduct a limited pilot phase with one or two departments to understand best if there are any staff concerns that weren’t addressed by the initial training.

Absolutely. Obviously we hope you’ll stay with us for as long as possible, but in the event of a need to change, you can cancel your account, export your data to PDF files or to XML, and delete your Small Improvements account.
We love our customers, and go out of our way to make them happy. But not everyone can become a customer!

We currently don’t work with any armed forces, and reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone whose company or business model we do not appreciate. We have high ethical standards, and we decide on a case-by-case basis if a client fits. To avoid surprises, please ask for a quote early on.

We believe that every person and every business, no matter how small, should use what influence they have to make the planet a better place — or at least not be active contributors to making it worse. We will use Google to do a quick background check on your company. If it seems to us that your company is exploiting other people’s problems for profit (e.g. promoting gambling, or promoting substance abuse, or inappropriate financial services, just to name a few), or if you have a bad track record with regard to human rights issues, inequality, environmental issues, corruption, or something along these lines, we will not want you as a customer. It doesn’t happen often, but we do occasionally turn down prospective clients.

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