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Special offer: Pay for two years upfront.

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Annual billing details: 2 months discount, 10% user buffer, and no contract.
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Explore the full functionality of Small Improvements free of charge for 30 days! No restrictions on features or the amount of users you can import, so feel free to test with a team.

Should you decide to move forward, the base price is $6 per user per month, billed quarterly. There are no set-up fees or additional hidden charges, and we offer a small discount when you purchase for a whole year: You pay for your first 10 months and receive the last 2 for free!

Minimum pricing

While there is no set-up fee, we do require a minimum payment of $150/month, paid quarterly.

Volume pricing

Volume pricing kicks in above 200 staff. So you can grow your company without breaking your budget!

Number of UsersFirst 200201-500501-10001000+
Cost per user/month$6$4$3$2

Example: Say you have 525 users. Using this table your total cost would be $24,750 for one year. $12k for the first 200 users, $12k for the next 300, and $750 for the remaining 25.

30 Day Free Trial

You’re welcome to try SI with any number of users for 30 days. To get the best idea of what we offer, we encourage you to test drive with at least 10% of your staff.

Smooth Transition

Transitioning your trial account to a paid account is easy. Keep or delete trial data as needed, pay the invoice, and you’re ready to go.

No long-term contracts

You can leave SI any time, and take all your data with you. If you are on an annual prepayment plan, we’ll also reimburse the paid months you don’t end up using.

Pricing FAQs

These are some questions we frequently hear. Scan the titles and you might find enlightenment without having to mail us.

The free trial period starts the day you sign up and lasts for thirty days.
You’re piloting the “real deal” already, so if you’re happy with your trial, just invite all remaining staff (or import them from an Excel worksheet). You can keep using the very same system and delete the sample data at any time. Since the sample users don’t count towards actual users, it can be advantageous to keep them until you are confident with the tool.
We offer you a discount if you pay upfront for a whole year. You simply pay for 10 months upfront, and you’ll get 2 months free. Note that this isn’t a binding contract; we won’t lock you in and if you to cancel early, we’ll refund you for the months you don’t use. (We’ll simply charge you for the months that you did use, applying the regular monthly price.)

And it gets even better! The annual payment discount includes a 10% additional staff buffer to reduce administration headaches on both sides: If your organization grows at a moderate rate over the year, you can simply add a few more staff without having to pay for them. If you grow beyond 10%, we’ll just politely reach out and ask how you want to pay for the overage, only for the remaining billing period.

We love growing customers, and we enjoy helping you with that transition! So don’t worry about invoicing too much. Say you’re on a 50 user plan and you happen to hire 20 new employees all of a sudden. No worries!

Just set up those 20 new accounts, and let us know when you’re done. We don’t enforce any user limits in the software, so you’ll be able to set up the new people right away. Next we’ll discuss whether you want to change the invoice incrementally or pay to the extra users all at once. Whatever is most convenient for you!

However, if an employee leaves the company we only charge for active user accounts. If someone leaves the company you will probably want to keep their data, while not allowing them to log in anymore. Not a problem! Just deactivate their account, don’t delete it. You only pay for active users. And we keep the performance reviews and other data for as long as you like. If you need to erase their data at some point (e.g. for legal reasons) then you can do so of course, but that aside the deactivated users still exist in the system without counting towards your license. Obviously we’ll hope that your company grows instead of shrinking. But we won’t penalize you by charging for inactive accounts.

Another benefit: If you hire the same people back again (think contractors for instance), all you have to do is reactivate their accounts, and they can pick up where they left.

Unfortunately, No. We’re happy to demo the product to you and your HR team, and we’re also happy to set up a second call to demo to your CEO or VP. If needed, we can do a third demo to your senior management team once you’ve decided to purchase. But that’s about it. We do not provide end user training since the product is really easy to use.

We do encourage you to conduct a (free!) pilot phase, looping in some key managers who will help communicate the process to their teams.

We recommend for the HR team to demo the product to their entire staff upon kickoff- And while you can use our presentations and videos for it, we will not attend those sessions.

No. We charge a minimum price of $150 per month, paid quarterly. But there is no setup fee whatsoever.
It only depends on your schedule. SI is ready to use from day one. When you sign up for a trial, you already get a proper account. It’s a two-click process to remove the sample data, and off you go!

Small companies can invite their staff by hand, or you can import your data from BambooHR yourself. Or upload an Excel spreadsheet using our format, and import your staff in bulk.

We’re a lenient bunch, so if you can assure us that the check is in the mail, or that finance will pay the invoice next week, then you’re fine to launch even before we’ve received the payment.

So, the main consideration is how fast you can set up your review form, or define your goal-setting best practices, or schedule demos to your staff. We strongly encourage a limited (free) pilot phase with one or two small departments. So the setup time frame really depends on your own schedule.

We don’t believe in long term contracts. You can quit our service any time. This keeps us on our toes, and we like it that way. Obviously we hope you’ll stay with us, but in the event of a need to change, you can export your data and delete your Small Improvements account.
Volume pricing automatically kicks in above 200 users. Try it for yourself in the pricing page calculator!
We don’t want to charge a setup fee. But we do have initial and ongoing costs for each customer. Our sweet spot are companies of 50 employees or more, but we don’t want to exclude small companies (we’re small too!), so a minimum quarterly payment of $450 it is.
Our volume pricing and prepayment plans make SI a real bargain. There are no further secret discounts, everyone pays the same transparent price.
Once you have an account and are logged in, there’s a ‘buy’ button on the pricing page that lets you request an invoice. You can send the money by wire transfer, pay by credit card, or use PayPal. If you want to add staff later on, no problem, just let us know, and we’ll send another invoice.
Sometimes paying with Paypal doesn’t work. There are two main reasons:

– You (or your coworker) has connected a credit card with a Paypal account. When you now try to use the credit card without logging in to Paypal, there’s a decent chance Paypal rejects the payment. Solution: Log in to the Paypal account first, then pay.

-Your creditcard has been used for plenty of other purchases recently, and you’ve reached a limit. Paypal may reject the payment. Solution: Again, log in to your Paypal account before paying.

These are the most common issues we’ve seen, but there may be more problems. If everything fails, try another card, or send us a check, or pay by bank transfer.

We love our customers, and go out of our way to make them happy. But not everyone can become a customer!

We currently don’t work with any armed forces, and reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone whose company or business model we do not appreciate. We have high ethical standards, and we decide on a case-by-case basis if a client fits. To avoid surprises, please ask for a quote early on.

We believe that every person and every business, no matter how small, should use what influence they have to make the planet a better place — or at least not be active contributors to making it worse. We will use Google to do a quick background check on your company. If it seems to us that your company is exploiting other people’s problems for profit (e.g. promoting gambling, or promoting substance abuse, or inappropriate financial services, just to name a few), or if you have a bad track record with regard to human rights issues, inequality, environmental issues, corruption, or something along these lines, we will not want you as a customer. It doesn’t happen often, but we do occasionally turn down prospective clients.

Obviously there are always nice people even at companies we don’t want to conduct business with, so please don’t take it personally. Also, the world is never entirely black and white, and sometimes we might make a call that doesn’t make sense to you. So, please get in touch early.

Small nonprofit organizations of up to 20 users can use Small Improvements for free, and medium-sized non-profits qualify for 50% off. We decide on a case-by-case basis – please check out our nonprofit guidelines. )Note that just having proper legal documentation does not auto qualify you for the discount- Please reach out with questions)
Email us at support@small-improvements.com or check out our Product FAQ.

Want to learn more?

You can sign up for a free trial, watch our 30 minute recorded webinar, and we’re happy to show you around in person and explain our pricing in more detail too.