Small Improvements Pricing

Transparent and affordable

You're invited to try SI for 30 days. Beyond that the base price is $6 USD per user per month. You get 2 months for free by paying upfront for the year. There is no setup fee, but our minimum price is $150 USD per month per company.

Volume pricing

Volume pricing kicks in above 200 staff. Every user above 200 only costs $4 USD, and every user above 500 only costs $3 USD per month. So you can grow your company without breaking your budget.

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Our pricing is subject to change, and a quote will guarantee today's prices for the next three months. If you purchase within those three months your price is locked in permanently.

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  • Free 30 day trial

    You're welcome to try SI with any number of users for 30 days. We'd encourage you to kick the tires with at least 10% of your staff.

  • No setup fee

    All we ask for is a minimum payment of $150 USD per month to cover our expenses. There are no hidden fees or charges beyond this base price.

  • No long term contracts

    You can leave SI any time, taking all your data with you. We'll even reimburse you if you were on an annual prepayment plan.

  • Perfect fit for SME

    SI is optimized for companies of 50 to 1500 staff. Let us know if you have plans to grow beyond 2000 and we can discuss your needs in more detail.

  • Smooth transition

    Transitioning your trial account to a paid account is easy. Just delete your sample/trial data, pay the invoice, and you're ready to go.

  • No discounts

    Our volume pricing and prepayment plans make SI a real bargain. There are no further secret discounts, everyone pays the same transparent price.

Frequently asked questions around pricing

These are some questions we frequently hear. Scan the titles and you might find enlightenment without having to mail us.