Praise Wall

Celebrate your employees’ achievements where they can see it

Bring Praise into the real world

Our Praise Wall allows you to display Small Improvements praises prominently on a dedicated screen, such as an iPad or a TV.

This means a slideshow of your company’s most recent Praises can live in the hallway, kitchen, or a communal space. So you can celebrate your employees’ achievements where they can see it.

Make a bigger impact with Praise

Recognizing your employees’ achievements reinforces great performance. It also sends the message that you notice and appreciate their hard work.

Making Praise more visible in the workplace boosts the positive impact. The Praise Wall in combination with our Slack integration make the perfect pair in helping you spread good cheer within your organization.

Promote a culture of appreciation

With Praise Wall, every kudos can be seen and celebrated by the entire company. Public recognition allows employees to learn about the great work of their peers, boosts morale, and empowers your team.

Seeing Praises regularly also encourages more consistent recognition. Our Praise Wall helps you foster an environment in which praising your peers becomes a natural and everyday thing.

Customizable to reflect your organization

Your recognition program should feel like your own. Our Praise Wall is highly configurable, giving you full control over how it looks and runs.

Give it a name, alter the rotation speed, match the background color to your brand – you can easily customize the Praise Wall to reflect your company.

Learn how to update Praise Wall settings here.

“We love the Praise Wall because it allows us to broadcast our appreciation to people for their great work, reminds us that our achievements are often a team effort, and helps us maintain a sense of community as we scale.”

Ciara Lakhani

VP of People at Dashlane

“We use the Praise Wall feature as a “Win Wall” to share how staff are helping drive change in healthcare every day. It allows us to highlight individual and collective performance to make celebrating wins of all types a part of our culture.”

Jeremy Nelson

Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Afia Inc

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