Refined 1:1 Meetings and Objectives

A year ago, we introduced 1:1 Meetings to help managers and employees run meaningful meetings. Based on the feedback we received along the way, we did some fine-tuning so you can focus on running your 1:1s while setting them up in Small Improvements is easier than ever. We’ve also made plenty of tweaks to Objectives to give you a better goal-setting experience. Here’s what’s new:

Improved 1:1 Meetings overview

We’ve changed the 1:1 Meetings overview to help you stay on top of your upcoming and past 1:1s. You can now see at a glance when your last meeting with someone was and when the next one is scheduled. You’ll also see that the 1:1 Meeting page looks much cleaner now while all the details are still at your fingertips.

1:1 Meetings

Carry over Talking Points from 1:1 Meetings

If you didn’t make it through all the Talking Points, you can simply copy them from one meeting into another. Just select “Copy my Talking Points” in the 1:1 Meeting dropdown menu and decide which individual Talking Points should be discussed in your next 1:1.

Copy Talking Points

Share 1:1 Meetings now or later

When creating a 1:1 Meeting, you can now choose between “Create Meeting” (Default) and “Prepare a Draft” before filling out the details. Previously, every meeting you created was only visible to you until you shared it with the other participant.

1:1 Meetings Overview

Better search for 1:1 Meetings

Want to revisit an old meeting where you discussed a certain topic? Type that topic into the ‘Find Meetings’ search bar, and you will find what you’re looking for in no time. In addition to titles and dates, the search functionality now works for Talking Points and Notes as well.

Export and print employee Objectives

We encourage everyone to avoid paper waste, but sometimes it’s good to keep your devices off the conference table and bring the relevant information on paper. That’s why we’ve added an “Export PDF” button that gives you all your Objectives in a print-friendly format.

Print Objectives

Conversation-focused Objectives activity log

Discussions around Objectives are crucial for keeping goals alive and getting a common understanding of the progress made. To make following conversations easier, we highlight written comments and collapse smaller status updates.

Objective activity log

Objectives UX improvements

We’ve made a bunch of improvements to the user experience for Objectives. Here’s what changed:

  • We’ve added the option to allow managers and/or employees to update status beyond an Objective cycle. Learn more here.
  • When copying an Objective to a new cycle, the activity log includes a link to the old Objective.
  • If no Objective cycle is available and users try to create an Objective, they get informed why they can’t create an Objective and HR admins are prompted to create an Objective cycle.
  • When exporting cycle data, HR can see who hasn’t created any Objectives. Previously, only employees with Objectives were included in the report.


Any thoughts about our new features and functionality improvements? Get in touch by sending us an email to or leave us a comment below.

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