Improvements to 1:1 meetings

Our 1:1 Meetings feature has been helping to make meaningful meetings happen for several months. While you’ve been writing talking points and meeting notes, our team has been working behind the scenes to improve this feature and make it even more helpful for those critical private check-ins. Here’s what we’ve improved:

Name and filter your 1:1 Meetings

You can now give your 1:1 Meetings a unique title. This makes it clear what the focus is when you’re preparing, or gives context when you’re looking back in retrospect. We’ve also added a filter option. Giving your meeting the title “Growth Goals Check in Q1” not only helps the other person understand what this meeting is about at a glance, but it’ll be incredibly simple to find it when the same check-in for Q2 is due: simply filter by title.

Prepare, then share

We added the ability to create a meeting but keep it private until you decide to share it. Previously, the other participant was notified the moment you created a meeting. Now, you can prepare all your talking points first and then share them with the other participant when you’re ready.

Name and Filter One-on-One Meetings

Simpler workflow

Previously, if you had an uncompleted meeting, you couldn’t start a new one. We updated the workflow so you can more easily create, draft, and then share your planned 1:1s.

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