A Small Improvement to Objective Cloning

As part of our recent “Ship-It Week” projects, we’ve made it a lot easier for you to select exactly who you want to clone an Objective to, not just all of your direct or indirect reports at once.

Within an organization, Objectives can be used in many different ways. Some organizations see it as a way to promote engagement by helping employees’ professional and personal development. Others see it as a way to align an organization by spreading a common vision through the distribution of common goals.

Whats New

In more detail, the Objective Cloning functionality now lets you:

  • As a manager, select specific people from your branch of the org structure. (Or still select the whole team of course)
  • As HR, opt to clone an objective to anyone in the organization. You can select whole teams, all managers, all non-managers, or pick employee by employee for a completely custom selection.
  • Sort by the list view to select staff based on helpful filtering criteria.

We’re always keen to improve even more, so please let us know your feedback!

Your Small Improvements Team


Step 1: Choose the Objective and click “Clone to Users”


Step 2: Select users and confirm cloning

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