New cycle creation – Let us guide you through it

Today we’re super pleased to announce our improved “Cycle Create” screens!

No pixel was left untouched, but all the ingredients are still there of course. Here are the highlights at a glance:

Pick participants upfront

For technical reasons, you first had to create a cycle and then add people to it. This is sometimes the best way, for instance, if you just want to experiment with a questionnaire. Many new users found this confusing though, so we flipped things around. It’s still possible to skip the participants, but by default, we now first ask you who should get reviewed. You’re still in control of when emails are sent, notifications remain the same.

Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 22.47.37.png

Wizard-like setup flow

A cycle consists of many ingredients. Rather than showing you all options at once, we’re now guiding you through the creation (see above). Once you’ve completed a section, it collapses and only displays a summary, so you can focus on the next section:

Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 22.56.37.png

(When editing a cycle, you don’t need to follow a flow, you may edit wherever you want. The collapsed summary view still makes the process much easier.)

Smarter topic grouping

While all settings are still there, we’ve rearranged some to make more sense. We’ve moved several settings that used to be hidden in “advanced settings” into the limelight, and reorganized others. Also, things that were entirely implicit (“leave date X empty to enable behavior Y”) are now in the plain open.

Improved questionnaire editor

Editing sections has vastly improved. You get to see a preview by default, and when you click you switch into “edit-mode”, and the other sections of the questionnaire are faded out. There are now much better “special case” editors for ratings and also for the 2D chart too:

Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 23.02.54.png

Ability to email immediately

In the old model, you’d add participants but then you’d have to click another button to notify them by mail. We now allow you “fire off mails immediately” right when you create a cycle, because in 80% of the cases that’s exactly what you want to do. You may also decide to not mail anyone just yet, that option does make sense occasionally too of course.


We’ve been testing these screens for quite some time now and are really happy with the results. But we’re not called “Small Improvements” for no reason. If you have any feedback, we’d love to hear and keep improving! Send your thoughts to!

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