1 on 1 Meetings

It’s more than just a status meeting.
Prepare properly, gather insights, improve.

A manager’s job is to keep the team happy and productive. Without face to face communication this will be tricky. 1 on 1 meetings are a cornerstone of giving and receiving feedback, both on the operational and on the goals&objectives level.

Our tool helps preparing and taking action.

1 on 1 meetings: Taling Points and Notes

Know your agenda

Some people prefer to keep the 1 on 1 meeting very informal, and don’t like to plan ahead. That’s fine. For everyone else, we implemented Talking Points!

Want to discuss a challenge you’re facing in a project? Is a coworker really making you upset? Build up your Talking Points to ensure nothing is forgotten about. You can keep Talking points private, or share them with your manager/team member to help them come prepared.

1 on 1 Meeting Notes

As a manager with more than 2 team members, it can be hard to keep track of discussion details. Build a journal over time to help you return to last weeks’ topics so even small details are not missed.

You can keep meetings just to yourself, or share them with the other party, or both.

Meeting Analytics

1:1s are a crucial pillar in building a healthy line of communication between managers and team members. To ensure no employee is left behind, our analytics dashboard highlights what managers conduct their 1:1s diligently, and who might need a friendly reminder…

“At OnDeck, 1:1s play an integral role in how managers and their reports exchange feedback. Small Improvements 1:1 Meetings has been a very helpful addition as it allows managers and reports to easily capture their notes in the tool where they’ll be able to reference them later on, ensuring accurate feedback during performance reviews.”Julia Budnick, Senior Manager, Learning and People Development at OnDeck
“1:1s are central to support our ongoing feedback culture at BuildaSign so we’re very excited for the new feature from Small Improvements and how it will facilitate that for us.”
Alli Smith, HR Business Partner, BuildaSign

1:1 Video Overview

Screenshots only tell half the story. If you’re interested in learning how software can help you organise your 1 on 1 meetings, do watch our 2 minute video overview.

1 on 1 meetings are important, but there is so much more.

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