360 Degree Review

Don’t rely on just the manager. Reviews are more balanced when more people participate.

360 degree review

Performance reviews are vital to help a person know where they stand. But they remain lopsided if only the manager gives input. Our product helps involve the entire team by offering a lean and easy solution for your company.

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Reviewer selection

Let’s start with the employee perspective. Once set up, employees may select their reviewers. Once approved, those reviewers can share their thoughts via Small Improvements’ simple and beautiful interface.

In case managers know best who should provide feedback to whom, the process may be set up that waytoo.

Approval process

When employees are empowered to pick who gives them feedback, you can still have these selections reviewed and approved by their managers.

Managers are notified via email when it is time to approve, plus have easy to use home screen callouts for quick action. Once managers sign off, reviewers are notified to start working on their feedback.

360 review results

Once the reviews have been assembled, they will be shared either with the employee, their manager, or both parties. It’s entirely up to HR to customize this process.

The results of a 360 feedback session can consist of simple text bubbles or comprehensive stack charts. You can also make the authors 100 percent anonymous, so reviewers can feel free to be completely honest.

Customizable 360 Reviews

Your 360 review process should be as unique as your company culture.

You’re 100% in charge of what the questionnaire will look like. Will the feedback to be delivered to the reviewee or just their manager? Will it be released immediately or on a specific date?

HR can configure the settings in Small Improvements just as they please.

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“It’s a really great tool because you have everything in one place. I kid you not, I thought it was the godsend answer.”

Tim Sae Koo


“Small Improvements immediately provided us with exactly what we were looking for – an intuitive and user friendly 360 tool.”

Sophie Gelsthorpe

Senior HR Manager

“It’s intuitive. It’s easy to use. We just gave people a quick guide and they were off.”

James Law

HR Director

Reporting and Reminders

No need to guess who’s running late, or if an employee has been nominated too often.

Powerful overview screens give you total visibility into where the feedback cycle stands and who needs a nudge. Extract more data and analyze feedback with our diverse export options.

Also included: Objectives

360 Reviews are a great way to collect feedback. But what’s next?

To ensure the next review session doesn’t end up with exactly the same feedback, we offer comprehensive objectives to set clear goals and achieve them.

Learn about Objectives & Key Results

Video Tutorial

Watch our video to learn more about the 360 degree review process. You’ll learn how to set up review forms, decide on who gets to be reviewed in the first place, how to trigger notification mails, and so on.

And so much more!

Company Directory

In addition to all our features, SI includes a free company directory as well as a browsable org chart. No need for a dedicated extra tool.


The user interface is in plain English, and all content, forms, mails and date formats can be adjusted to any language and region.

Secure by default

We’re in the Google Cloud, encrypt properly, and engage white-hat hackers to ensure we don’t miss anything. Learn more here.

No contract lock-in

We don’t believe in locking customers into long-term contracts. We like to earn our business every month – it keeps us on our toes and ensures you’re happy. Learn more about our pricing.

Up and running in minutes

The system is entirely self-service. How quickly you want to roll it out depends on your timeframe. Either way, our support and success teams have you covered.

Ethical company

Businesses do have an impact. What bank to use, what energy to consume, what work environment to provide. And whose money to turn down.. Learn more.

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