Customer Team

Who we are

At Small Improvements, customers are our focus. Because we don’t ‘sell’ the tool, our main goal is to ensure each evaluator and customer understands Small Improvements and its capabilities so that they create a positive culture of continual feedback in their organizations.

Tore Ingersoll-Thorp

Having spent six years as a customer service manager for a few different websites, Tore joined the Customer Success team at Small Improvements in October 2015. Fun Fact: He founded the “Sleepwalkers Theatre” in San Francisco and produced 19 plays in four years.

Andrew Fordyce

Having worked in HR customer service for over 5 years before joining the team in Berlin, Andy wants to bring a smile to your face. He’s seen how end-users work with HR software and wants to help you understand Small Improvements.

Linda Jonas

Linda joined Small Improvements in 2011 and has since been passionate to spread the Small Improvements love. You’ll find her at some conference, philosophizing about lean performance management or sharing stories on and offline. Catch her if you can – with two passports and no home, she’s a true digital nomad.

James Nichols

Previously a community manager for massively multiplayer games at EA, James is perfectly equipped for explaining advanced SI concepts with ten years of experience in developing customer relationships. An avid adventurer, he enjoys getting lost in the wilds of California whenever he can.

Scott Faverty

Having been with Small Improvements for nearly 4 years, Scott uses his expertise of Small Improvements to ensure that all of our VIP customers and evaluators get the most out of the tool. Fun Fact: He is the captain of the Customer Success Express, a 1985 VW Westfalia.

Sarah Burgess

Having spent five years marketing and supporting online software, Sarah joined the Customer Success team at Small Improvements in October 2016. Fun Fact: She loves traveling to learn new languages like German, and has a passion for film.

Marcus Nolan

After graduating from Trinity College Dublin, Marcus moved to Berlin to join the Customer Success team in June 2017. He’s a keen hiker, funky shirt wearer and ambient lighting enthusiast. Fun fact: When he was 10 years old, Marcus competed in the Boys Under 11’s category in the World Irish Dancing Championships, finishing in 9th place.

Olav Nordheim

Olav joined the Customer Success team in June ’17. His home is anywhere that has a piano, while his interest in people and nature urges him to explore the world. Fun fact: As a side-effect of his sociology degree, Olav will repay any drink offered to him with unsolicited rants about education systems, social economics, or people’s endless pursuit of social identity.

How we work

We are all empathetic to our customers and enjoy listening to their needs to help identify ways that the tool can assist. We do this answering support emails, on calls, and even in person at their offices or at HR events. In case there’s a problem that can’t be solved within the tool, we see it as an opportunity to learn and suggest improvements to the product team, making things easier for all future users.

We’re mostly a remote team, with only Andy working in the Berlin HQ. This means we’re even more reliant than everyone else on using our tools efficiently. The remote nature of our work requires that we have a clear process for each step with a person in charge to ensure consistency and fluidity. This ensures that evaluators and customers get the best experience when interacting with the team.


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