Ongoing Feedback

Timely feedback is crucial to making immediate adjustments.
1:1 meetings, praise and feedback requests to the rescue!

1:1 Meetings

1:1 Meetings are the best way for a team member and their manager to stay in touch, give and solicity regular feedback and help each other improve.

We built an entire feature dedicated to helping teams have better 1:1 meetings by preparing and by enabling efficient note-taking.

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1:1 Meeting Talking Points

Praise a coworker

Instant Praise

A kind word goes a long way. Instilling a culture of celebration can improve morale, plus re-inspire team members who might need a little boost.

Small Improvements offers kudos badges which can be appended to praise, promoting collectable visual recognition of a job well done. These fully customizable badges can be edited to reinforce core company values and tie praise to purpose.

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Collaborate on Objectives

Objectives are a core pillar of our platform. Rather than being purely tactical with key results and status, we promote real time conversation on goals.

Notify mentors and peers to kickstart a dialogue, then adjust the goal in real-time. That feedback captured on an objective then seamlessly flows into the structured Review and 360 process your team can engage in.

Discuss publicly shared objectives

“Small Improvements has been integral in helping us establish an ongoing feedback culture. It’s so much fun to share moments, celebrate team members, provide feedback and learn from each other.“

Floor Havermans

People Grow Manager at Travix

Request Spontaneous Feedback

Empower employees to take ownership of their personal development. Our Request Feedback feature allows every team member to gather peer input as they see fit.

Timely feedback right after completing a project or a presentation helps everyone make continuous improvements.

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Private Notes

Collecting your thoughts before a meeting can make feedback more organized and cohesive.

Just select “take a private note” and you can jot down your key discussion points to reference at a later date.

Private notes

Slack <> Small Improvements Integration

Slack Integration

Want instantaneous updates of company recognition and praise? Our Slack integration is perfect for this. Once set up, all staff can subscribe to immediate updates of public praise.

Even better, you can post into Small Improvements directly from Slack – just type “/praise” and select who should get some love.

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