Performance Review Cycle

In the past, Performance Reviews have been regarded as a time-consuming headache.
Not with Small Improvements!

Performance Review Header

Our lightweight tool promotes ongoing feedback and goal-setting throughout the year, making for a seamless review cycle.

Assessments Made Easy

Performance Reviews in Small Improvements are a cinch to set up.
Employees are asked to provide a quick assessment, mark their performance on a simple chart, and answer a few open-ended questions.

This information seamlessly integrates with our other features and leads to increased employee engagement and more personal milestones throughout the review cycle.

No-Hassle Feedback

Small Improvements records feedback from the manager in the same form as the employee, so contributing an assessment is a snap.

Admins can trigger reminders via email, while pending reviews appear as to-do items in the manager’s home page. And there are shortcuts to make sharing, signing, and completing the review process quick and simple.

Overview for Admins

With Small Improvements, the performance review process is no longer a black box.

Our powerful tools give you both narrow and wide overviews of reviews’ status. Observe company-wide trends as well as ratings from each employee. Break down the data and interpret feedback with our varied export options.

2-D Rating

Our unique 2-D rating chart provides an alternative to the traditional evaluation scale.

The customizable x/y axes offer a more nuanced way to judge performance and output, while giving admins better data for analyzing trends.

Unique to You

Your Performance Reviews should be as special as your company is.

Customize the whole cycle, from your questionnaire to your rating system to which managers can contribute to reviews. You can adjust Small Improvements to work for you.

Our Platform in Action

Screenshots can only show so much. Check out a brief two-minute video that gives a sneak preview of everything Small Improvements can offer!

Ready to Get Started?

You can either sign up for a demo account of our performance management software right away or visit our webinar page for a 30 minute recorded webinar. Our team would also be thrilled to schedule a demo with you.