Performance Review Process

Is it possible to love your Performance Review Process?
With Small Improvements, absolutely!

Performance Review Header

Our intuitive tool encourages ongoing feedback and engagement, making your company’s performance review process effortless — and even fun.

Quick for Employees

The Performance Review Process in Small Improvements is no sweat.
Employees simply give a quick review, mark their performance on a chart, and answer some straightforward queries.

This data seamlessly ties in with our other offerings and encourages employees to become more involved and motivated.

Painless for Managers

Contributing a review in Small Improvements is a piece of cake, because manager and employee feedback is stored in the same form.

Admins send out email reminders, while outstanding reviews show up as to-do items in the manager home page. Plus, quick shortcuts save time when it comes to sharing, signing, and finishing the review process.

Quarter and Annual Reviewing

No more guessing when it comes to the performance review process.

Small Improvements has accurate tools to show both macro and micro overviews of the status of reviews. , From company-wide trends to individual ratings, it’s all visible — and you can export the data in whichever way you prefer.

Customizable Chart

Our dynamic rating chart provides another option for employees to rate and review.

Employee and manager give their assessments as dots along the graph. This offers a more comprehensive way to evaluate performance, and also gives admins more options for trend analysis.

As Unique As Your Company

Your performance review process should be as one-of-a-kind as your workplace.

Everything from your questionnaire to your rating system to which managers can contribute to reviews can all be customized. Make Small Improvements work for YOU.

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Want to learn more? Check out a brief video to know more about Small Improvements’ performance review platform!

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