Announcing our new HipChat integration

Our Slack integration has been a resounding success, driving up usage and visibility of praise and objectives within organizations. We’re now starting to integrate with HipChat too. Today’s release promotes public praise and public objectives to HipChat, encouraging a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

How it works

Admins can set up the integration so that each public praise and each public objective get pushed into HipChat channels immediately. You can find all the details in the documentation page. Then, once any SI users praises another one publicly, this praise gets immediately displayed in the channel you chose. The channel could be a new channel, but you could also pick a common channel everyone is already subscribing to, ensuring engagement is even higher.

Here’s a praise inside Small Improvements:


It will show up in HipChat like this:


Private messages or objectives that are only visible to the manager do not get pushed into HipChat channels of course. Learn more in the documentation.

Next up: Private notifications

Our Slack integration lets a manager know when their team member created a privately shared objective – this is currently not possible in HipChat for technical reasons. We’re considering implementing a workaround which would require clients to create a “fake user”, which could then send direct messages on behalf of Small Improvements. We’d love to hear from customers is this sounds like a reasonable plan: Please let us know if you’re interested in joining the beta at

Phasing out our JIRA and Confluence integrations

We believe that the HipChat integration is the perfect way for us to integrate with the Atlassian product suite. We’ll be phasing out our existing JIRA and Confluence integrations, which were built long before HipChat got added to the Atlassian product suite.

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