Introducing Key Results

Many clients have asked us about ways to make objectives more fine-grained. Today we’re proud to launch our first cut of key results.

Key results help you to break an objective down into achievable components, and make it easier to know if you’ve met your objective or not. They can assist you to focus on results and not so much on activities. Ideally a key result is clear, specific and measurable and will show you how well you’ve achieved your objective.

Our initial key results release is very focused. It’s a basic list of checkable items, with a progress bar on top. Despite being simple, it’s immediately a lot more engaging and productive to work with objectives. See below:




Newly created objective cycles now support key results out of the box. To enable key results on existing cycles, simply tick the checkbox “Include Key Results” when editing the cycle settings.

Create an Objective with Key Results

This is very straightforward. A person creating an objective will see input fields to specify the key results. The same applies for when you edit an objective.



Future work

There are many possible extensions for this feature. For instance, key results are currently either met or not met. We’re considering to allow “partial” key results, so you can define one key result to be 60% complete, while the other is only 20%.

But we felt that even the ability to define all-or-nothing key results is a huge step forward, and we’d love to hear your feedback! Let us know your thoughts at

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