Please welcome the new Objectives overview screen

We’re proud to present an overhauled objectives overview screen: It follows the new visual style of the reviews and 360s overview, and is much more interactive than the “old” version. The new screen allows for easy sorting on each column, there’s the quick user search in the top right corner, and all admin actions have moved to the top right.

What’s more, we’ve added bar charts to display the distribution of objective categories, ratings and status (if you use them) This saves a lot of vertical screen estate compared to our old pie chart approach, and makes filtering a lot easier and accessible. The following cycle uses the status feature (but not the categories) so only one bar chart is showing. You can click any segment to filter.:


A checkbox allows you to display “users without public objectives” right inside the list view. By default that checkbox is off, but it’s really convenient to display people who are missing “at the right position” within the table. This list of users used to be at the bottom of the screen, where many people simply missed it.

We’ve also enabled “opening up” the objectives per user – a feature that had long been missing. When you click the button on the right, you get a short version of an objective and the ability to perform common actions using the dropdown menu, and you can edit the status of the objective without leaving the overview screen:



In case you’re interested, our work doesn’t end here. The developers responsible for this overhaul are now working on the other objectives screens as well: We’ll make it much easier to create and edit objectives, and we’ll introduce a better overview of “objectives relevant to me”: The overview we launched today is great for the big picture, but what’s still lacking is a screen that will focus on “my objectives, my manager’s objectives, and my immediate coworkers’ objectives”. That new overview is being worked on, and if you’re interested, we’re happy to include you in our beta testing stage soon. Just let us know!

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