Better insight into upcoming admin dates

We’re on a mission to streamline our Dashboard and to make it more useful. We’re now replacing the “right-hand cycle list” with a proper component that display upcoming admin dates.

The problem

We want to give customers an easy way to jump to review- or 360-cycles, while also alerting them to what dates are coming up. Unfortunately, our old two-column dashboard layout that listed cycles on the right always looked a bit crammed. And just showing one upcoming date when there are several never felt great. Here’s the old version:

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 16.08.36.png

Also, our sidebar list only ever listed review and 360 cycles, it didn’t list objective cycles at all for lack of space.What looked so-so for new clients started looking really overwhelming for existing clients with many cycles.

The solution

We’ll phase out the sidebar, instead, we’ll list upcoming admin dates chronologically in the center of the screen. We’re also looking back at the past 3 days to alert you in case you missed a date. Objective cycle dates are included of course. This way all admins will know better where they stand. Here’s the new view:

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 16.14.02.png

Compared to the previous screenshot, it’s now much clearer that one important date passed 22h ago, while the next one coming up is in 2 hours already. And you can see that there are Objective-cycle events too.

Cycles that are entirely over will not be shown anymore. But since we improved the search component a few weeks ago, you can always navigate to your old cycles conveniently anyway.

We’re also making our neat Calendar Integration much more prominent by putting the calendar icon onto the top right corner.

Try it today!

The feature is now live for new evaluators. Customers in our beta group can enable this feature today as well. Just go to the Admin -> General settings screen, tick the “beta group”, and then after saving you’ll see a new option appear:

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 16.13.21.png

Everyone else will see this go live on August 15.

We’re keen to hear your feedback! Did we pick the right timeframes? Is the wording clear enough? Do you have any other issues or concerns? Please send them to!

Next up

There is only one component left on the right-hand sidebar: The list of recent messages. This will also get replaced soon. We’re working on a neat activity stream that will provide a lot more value than the messages-sidebar, and once the new stream is live we’ll end up with a really streamlined and clean dashboard.

Stay tuned, or sign up for the beta community if you’d like to get access early!

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