Features you may have missed in 2021

As a look back in 2021 and forward into 2022, we've got a round-up of recent exciting product updates to share, plus some tips to help you enhance your performance management process.

We're also proud to share our charitable donations from 2021 with an update from our CEO on how you can organize donations at your own company. Read more: Charitable donations? Let the team pick!

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Performance Reviews

  • We added performance ratings over time to our Insights feature, which displays the average rating over time and high-performance growth ratings. 
  • You can make all Review question types into confidential questions.
  • Automatically send the launch emails for your Review cycle launch.
  • Calibration is now available, allowing you to set specific periods for managers to edit and share content or ratings. 
  • Extend your cycle timeline for individuals, without making changes to the cycle timeline for everyone.
  • Hidden employment and termination fields on profiles enhance Insights. You may find your team needs to effectively run analysis of ratings based on termination and employment type.
  • Automatically nudge employees to get started on their assessments.
  • Customize emails on a per cycle basis.

Insights in Small Improvements

Anytime Feedback

  • Our new feature revamp makes it easy for employees to both proactively give and request feedback.
  • Our overhauled trends and insights screen allows for an overview of feedback requests.
  • Enhanced HR controls for feedback, control what HR can see across requests.
  • Anonymous proactive feedback is now possible.
  • Customize emails in Anytime Feedback.


New Navigation and Admin Dashboard

Our new admin navigation introduced an easier way to navigate the platform for HR Admins, HR Assistants, and Tech Admins. Moving away from the tab format, each feature now has it's own dedicated page and an admin toggle to easily switch between the Employee and Admin view.

1:1 Meetings

Action Items

Customization and User Management

Secondary Managers

360 Feedback 

Pulse Surveys

  • You can share Pulse results with any user regardless of admin permissions.
  • HR Assistants can launch new Pulse Surveys and view results for surveys they created.
  • Edit and update existing Pulse surveys before they go out to employees.
  • Get answers when you need them by setting a deadline for monthly Pulse Surveys. 
  • Enhanced reporting allows you to select a range in survey results or focus on a single survey.

Share Surveys with anyone

Coming soon

Calibration with secondary overall rating

In addition to our new calibration timeline, we're introducing a secondary overall rating so that your teams can calibrate ratings from an initial pre-calibrated rating submitted by the manager and a final rating. This feature includes an export/import functionality for ratings and a visual display.



Saving you time, the new Automations feature allows you to first set up automated Feedback requests based on an employee's hire date. Examples of where this is useful is if you'd like to collect feedback from and about an employee in their first 90 days.


Interested in trying out our new features? Reach out to our support team to participate in our beta program.


Tips and tricks

Our team wants to share our tips for managing your employees with Small Improvements, inspired by our own best practices.

Our customer team has brewed up some Recipes intended to help you get the most out of your account by mixing features.

Start cooking up a better Performance Management process today!