Supplies for Dreams

“It is extremely easy to use”

As a non-profit ran completely by college students, it can often be difficult to keep people engaged and straightforward in performance reviews and discussions about team performance. Prior to using Small Improvements, discussions of performance were often stinted and awkward. Without a foundation or structure for approaching conversations, performance reviews were often a laborious process, requiring at least a week of planning and meetings among managers to interpret any disagreements or changes that needed to be made.

After switching to Small Improvements, our organization has gained clearer insights into our team’s performance and has improved its reaction time to any personnel issues. For example, the company overview panel for performance reviews allows any HR manager to see how the team is performing overall and head off any lacking performance. Additionally, comparing those results to employee’s opinions of their own performance supports managers in identifying employees that need additional encouragement moving forward. Even further, Small Improvements has improved our employee’s participation in performance reviews. The 360° review format allows our organization to bypass some of the more awkward interactions between 18-22 year olds and focus on improving our individual contributions to each team. The objectives tracking system helps both employees and managers to ensure they have the same priorities. With quarterly objectives visible to the entire team, employees across teams have insight into other employees’ work, facilitating conversations between individuals across different parts of our organization.

Small Improvements has given Supplies for Dreams’ HR department the foundation it was missing. It is extremely easy to use and has plenty of tutorials to help new members get acquainted with all its beneficial features. Our next step is to start using the messaging system to highlight productive individual performance across the entire organization. Given the positive influence Small Improvements has had on our performance review process, we are inspired to keep exploring the functions Small Improvements has to offer in the future.

Austen Bhayani

HR Director

Supplies for Dreams partners with four Chicago Public Schools elementary schools that serve student bodies that are at least 95% low-income students. We provide comprehensive support to each student, including a backpack full of school supplies, field trips to some of Chicago’s world-renowned museums, and college student mentoring. We are completely run by volunteer undergraduate students at Northwestern University, which allows us to operate with extremely low administrative costs.


60 employees