“Every company should have a tool like Small Improvements.”

It’s exciting to work in an innovative and fast-growing startup like door2door, but it also brings about many challenges. We operate in a dynamic and demanding environment, meaning there’s constant development. Everything moves really fast. While we’re doing great work, sometimes things that deserve recognition can get left by the wayside. We saw the need for a tool to capture feedback about what’s going on in our company. Small Improvements was recommended to us, and after a demo of the product, we were sold. We onboarded in 2015 and have not looked back.

Praise is a critical feature for us. It has become so important that we now teach new employees how to use Praise as part of our onboarding process. When we first started using Praise, some of our employees were surprised to hear that we think they do an awesome job. Apparently we didn’t tell them often enough, but now Small Improvements makes it so easy to for us to recognize each other. With the Slack Integration, you see dozens and dozens of interactions pop up instantly when Praise appears in our company channel. It not only gives people who receive Praise a great feeling, but also helps create a fantastic atmosphere within the team.

Although Praise alone is great for driving positive reinforcement, combining it with objectives and 360s gives HR and managers a more comprehensive overview of how employees are doing.

It was definitely a good decision to bring Small Improvements into this company. Using the tool has helped us develop a culture of providing real-time, continuous feedback. The change from before to now is really noticeable. Instead of having to wait for a formal review, or nudge people to talk about good things that have happened, you see Praise and feedback pop up on a daily basis. It gives you a little buzz and motivates you to continue doing great things.

Erika Enberg

VP of Talent

Door2door seeks to revolutionize urban transport through a dynamic and innovative ridesharing platform, driven by demand for transport rather than prefixed routes and schedules. With offices in Berlin and Brazil, they are rapidly expanding and challenging established companies in their space.

Mobility & Transportation

60 employees

Berlin, Germany