“We are very satisfied with this intuitive product!”

Performance management is a challenge commonly faced by companies doing business in Asia. Due to common cultural perceptions, people tend to keep comments on others to themselves. Some even think expressing oneself publicly may create conflict and affect morale and teamwork. It is an especial obstacle for marketing firms like us, where team effort is necessary both before and after the completion of a project. We want to have an performance appraisal software system that focusses on projection improvement.

That is precisely why Small Improvements has been chosen to effect positive change and improve appraisals. Not only is Small Improvements simple, straightforward, and user-friendly, but appraisals are in real-time, up to date, and flexible. Its interface is like any of the major social networking sites popular amongst our colleagues, making it an easily acceptable platform to share, exchange and create. A practical function we appreciate is the ability to sign in as “Anonymous”, which helps mitigate any perceived conflicts from constructive comments.

Small Improvements is also a great platform to broadcast company activity announcements and keep staff and management alike involved in the promotion of growth within our company.

We are very satisfied with this intuitive product!

Terry Dao


Event management

70 employees

Hong Kong