“It has never been easier to give a well-rounded performance review”


Back in 2012 Gorilla doubled in size, growing from 50 to 100 people in one year. We decided it was time to adopt a forward-thinking and efficient performance management system that incorporated 360-degree feedback and fit our company culture.

One of our challenges was finding a tool that provided our Managers the opportunity to give proper feedback and well-rounded performance reviews. Gorilla believes that a performance review is meant to motivate employees, provide constructive feedback, and set future goals. Performance management systems that use anchored rating scales, multiple choice questions, or ambiguous questions on the effectiveness of an employee’s “internal communication style” were not only painful to demo, they provided no value to our employees.

Another challenge was finding a tool that was cost effective. Most of the big name performance management software companies were insanely expensive and would only agree to multiple year contracts. We needed a tool that had flexible terms and fit the budget of a mid-size agency. One of our core values at Gorilla is culture. The people that we recruit and hire are some of the most sought after talent within the technology industry. What sets us apart from our competitors is that we provide a collaborative, innovative, and positive workplace that retains our top-notch talent. We wanted our performance review process to reflect that as well, and were not interested in a “corporate” solution.


Gorilla came across Small Improvements after completing a trial of a well-known web-based performance management system. We were instantly interested in SI because it didn’t have all of the bells and whistles we didn’t need, or care to pay for. The SI team was very responsive and set us up on a trial right away.

After a successful trial period, we signed on with Small Improvements. They designed our system to reflect our company brand, and offered 1:1 training on how to get started. Our next step was to make certain our entire team in the U.S. and Kiev would adopt this tool.

To ensure its success, we got major support from the executive team and senior managers. Managers were supportive, and communicated the importance of the tool to their teams to encourage adoption. We introduced SI in a company-wide meeting and advertised it by putting flyers up in the office. Once it was launched, HR sat down with each team individually to introduce and educate them on Small Improvements.


We were able to transition our performance review process to Small Improvements quickly and successfully. Our team of 150 employees back in 2013 adopted the tool almost immediately, and has integrated it into our daily routine. Since Gorilla adopted the tool, we have had nine 360-feedback cycles, 15 completed performance reviews, and hundreds of messages shared between Gorilla employees around the globe. The messages consist of performance feedback, project launches, new client announcements new employee introductions, and employee praise and recognition (just to name a few).

Goal-setting in Small Improvements is now another way we spark innovation, work collaboratively, and keep our folks on track. Tracking our company and individual goals on a quarterly and yearly basis in Small Improvements has made 1:1s and feedback conversations simple and efficient. It has never been easier to give a well-rounded performance review when you have 360-degree feedback from team members, quarterly and yearly goals, and ongoing performance feedback documented all in one space.

Katrina Bilella

L&D Associate

Gorilla is a Chicago based e-commerce solutions provider helping brands succeed online.


300 employees