“We’re not interested in measuring performance. We’re interested in developing people.”

We like Small Improvements because of its dynamic range of features, like 1:1 Meetings, that give us the tools to build trust within teams.

Marley Spoon doesn’t have annual Performance Reviews. What we do have are conversations. Because in the end, it’s teams that work on projects, and team success translates to product success — it’s not just based on one person. That means we don’t do performance management in the traditional sense.

360-Degree Feedback is a really important feature for us. We use it to complement our monthly 1:1 Meetings. It’s important for new employees that Marley Spoon is the right fit for them. We view it as a checkpoint to see how their employee journey is progressing.

My favorite feature in Small Improvements is Praise. Normally people are really nervous about receiving feedback, because as a rule feedback is mostly negative. Having the Praise function makes it easy to recognize employees for a job well done, and then (with the Slack Integration) this can be shared with the entire office, so that everyone can see the Praise and celebrate it.

Small Improvements fits in so well with the culture we have at Marley Spoon. We invest a lot of time and effort into hiring, because we’re interested in keeping employees for the long term. That’s why we take a keen interest in their personal development. And Small Improvements helps us facilitate this development by functioning almost as a diary. So employees can not only track their successes, but see how they’ve improved over time.

I would recommend Small Improvements to other HR managers precisely because it gives you such an incredibly clear overview of the employee journey and their development.

Adam Miszta

People Operations Manager EU

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