“An innovative, light weight, and flexible approach to performance management.”

We were in the early exploratory stage of introducing performance management to the community at ModCloth and hadn’t gotten it quite right yet. In order to keep everyone enthusiastic about the process, we knew we had to hit it out of the park with our next cycle.

We needed a software solution that was easy to use and that employees would be excited about. After reviewing a few different resources, we were drawn to Small Improvement’s groundbreaking approach, customization, and features, as this was most aligned with where we wanted to take performance management.

Implementing the software in year one was an awesome experience — Per and his team were so flexible and responsive. We uploaded all of the employee information very easily and everything was right there, ready to go! Rolling out the software to our employees was much easier than expected. Small Improvements offers easy to follow documentation that we were able to incorporate into our Performance Management guide. We offered training if needed, but most of our employees were able to log right in and get going.

Small Improvements has offered us an innovative, light weight, and flexible approach to performance management and it’s been well received by our community. The support and service we’ve received has been amazing and we look forward to a continued partnership with them.

Roslyn Fogarty

Head of HR

Modcloth is the leader in vintage clothing, retro&indie dresses. Founded by two college sweetheart in 2002, they reached $100m revenue in 2012. Happy SI customers since mid 2011.

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