“Small Improvements has improved the quality and depth of our feedback.”

At Simprints, we believe it’s important to have regular conversations and prioritize open feedback. We knew we needed a tool to help us capture everything, and after evaluating different platforms, we chose Small Improvements for two main reasons: 1) ease of use, and 2) its alignment with our needs in relation to the feedback culture we wanted to cultivate.

The tool is highly configurable, which allowed us to tailor the features to our own career development process. We implement our own version of performance reviews called Career Development Reviews (CDR), and utilize 1:1 Meetings and 360 Degree Feedback to gather a comprehensive review as the foundation of the CDR.

We love the intuitive nature of the 1:1 Meetings. You can easily run multiple 1:1s in parallel, edit notes, make them private, keep everything contained in a safe platform, and maintain confidentiality between meetings. The 1:1 feature also helps keep parties mutually accountable to meet regularly, promoting continuous communication.

With the 360 feature, employees can nominate who they want feedback from, which encourages reciprocal feedback between and across squads. The questionnaire within the 360 framework not only works well in capturing feedback, but has also improved the quality and depth of our feedback. After every 360 cycle, line managers will review all of the feedback and pull out key themes. The input from both 1:1 Meetings and 360 Degree Feedback allows us to better structure the self-assessment portion for each employee, and serves as the basis of the career development conversation.

Small Improvements has great functionality for enabling ongoing feedback and encouraging a people-first approach to performance management. The ethos behind the platform focuses on all the right things, like the importance of praise and building relationships. They offer extensive resources such as online FAQ, tutorials and documentation. And the support team is fantastic and very responsive anytime we need help. I would definitely recommend Small Improvements!

Elpie Bannister

Head of Talent

Nonprofit, IT

21 employees

Cambridge, UK