“Easy to use, pretty to look at!”

We primarily use Small Improvements for Performance Reviews, 360-Degree Feedback, and Self Reviews. But the Performance Reviews alone make it worth it. We just get so much value out of that function.

No matter how well software works, if no one is going to use it, then it doesn’t help me at all. We reviewed a lot of systems for Performance Management for HRIS, Payroll, etc., and the nice thing about Small Improvements is that it’s easy to use. It’s pretty to look at it, it’s simple, it’s clean.

I receive feedback all the time from our employees at Disqus letting me know how much everyone hates Performance Reviews. But I never get feedback that people hate using Small Improvements.

We’ve been Small Improvements customers for a long time now and the best sign that a product works for HR is that I’m not dreading launching our next Performance Review cycle. I’m actually stoked to get started.

Kim Rohrer

VP of People & Culture

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