Calendar integration: Never miss important deadlines again

Have you ever missed an important event? Do you manage SI review- or objective-cycles? Then our new calendar integration is for you.

You – the HR person – can now easily subscribe to SI events and then your preferred calendar can remind you of vital SI cycle milestones.

Why is this important? Imagine you (or your coworker) have set up a review cycle for the most recent quarter. Say you scheduled the lockdown for a few weeks out but a major company event delays everyone’s ability to wrap up reviews on time. Usually not really a big deal, you can extend the review deadline easily. However, if you forget to extend it, then lots of people will find the system locked down too early.

By subscribing to SI, your calendar solution (Google Apps, Apple Calendar, etc) can notify you about all important events. The setup just takes a minute, and the payoff is immediate.  You’ll see milestones about all cycles you have access to, so even if the cycle was set up by a coworker who is now on vacation, you’ll find out in time. Direct links to browse the cycle or to edit dates are provided right from the calendar event.

How to use it?

There’s a yellow notification on the right-hand side of the dashboard that advertises the feature. If you closed the notification already, you can access the calendar subscription URL on your “user settings” screen.  The documentation for the feature lives over here.

What’s next?

This is our first step towards a comprehensive calendar integration. We’ve only dipped our toes in the water – what should we focus on next? Do you want to see your or your team’s objective deadlines for instance? Would you rather receive reminders to provide ongoing feedback? Is 1:1 scheduling your challenge? We’d love to know!

If you have some time to discuss ideas, please drop us a mail to