Search Improvements: Jump to Cycles

Remember how we improved the header search-field two weeks ago? We’re still busy improving. Today we’ve included cycles into search and you can use your keyboard get the maximum benefit.

Quick access to recent cycles

If you click “Jump to” you’ll still see your team as the default. But if you’re a manager or HR, then you can select an additional tab that lists recent cycles. This makes it a breeze to navigate to the most recent review session, for example:

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 09.54.45.png

Search now also includes cycle names

Just type in the year, such as “2014” and the search bar lets you jump to the old “Objectives 2014” cycle efficiently. This is especially helpful for companies that have been using Small Improvements for a longer time and have set up many cycles. See the example below:

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 09.55.27.png


Keyboard navigation

To make your text-search more efficient, we’re now listening on the “j” character on your keyboard — type “j” to enter search mode without having to click anything at all.

You can even switch between the two tabs using your cursor-left and cursor-right keys.

What’s next?

We’re on a quest to clean up the dashboard and the main step will be to remove the right hand cycle list. It makes the dashboard feel very crowded.

The improved search we launched today is a stepping stone – and we’ll soon launch an “upcoming cycle dates” component too. This makes the sidebar list obsolete and we can remove it entirely, leading to a much cleaner user interface.

Also, this improved access to cycles enables us to streamline the entire navigation. The left-hand navigation will focus on casual users, while power users can use the search bar for quick access to everything. Stay tuned!