Status update: Secondary Reviewer for performance reviews, threaded discussions for objectives

Secondary reviewer

We’ve re-branded the (somewhat hidden) review advocate into a proper “secondary reviewer”. The secondary reviewer can access a person’s performance review and contribute, but neither share nor sign the review. So it’s very useful when a staff member has just switched the team, and the “old boss” should be contributing, but the “new boss” is in charge of the review.

Note that this is not a transitive relationship (e.g. the secondary reviewer has no access to the reports of that person), and the reviewed person does not yet show up in the team list either. This is just the first out of many steps to enable “dotted lines” reporting structures, which several of our clients and evaluators would like to use. Still, it’s a first important step and useful for some use cases already. Also, you need to enable this feature in the global settings, in the advanced tab

Threaded discussions for objectives

It is now possible to have threaded discussions per objective, instead of using the single comment field per objective. This is useful for ongoing comments and feedback for objectives. Threaded discussions can get enabled on a per-cycle basis, but they are currently off by default since we didn’t want to change existing settings. Learn more at

Other stuff

This aside, we’ve again fixed a couple of bugs and simplified some features. Also, internal performance tuning has fixed a few issues, and we’ve increased the session timeout to 24h (up from 10)