25 questions for a 360 review

Preparing the questions

An essential quality of a 360 review is that it reflects an employee’s performance and allows for a detailed review of how they can improve. Once an employee receives feedback, they should have clear information on what actions they can take next and whether they should change certain behaviors or improve on specific skills. Questions should also support specific goals, whether you want to evaluate performance, development, or contributions. 

A great set of 360-review questions includes both open- and closed-ended so that employee performance can be evaluated in both a qualitative and quantitative way. For example, many companies employ a rating scale that assesses an employee’s performance on a scale from “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree,” along with open-ended questions that can be answered in a longer format. By using quantifiable questions, employers can accurately track improvements over time. 

To help you get started, here are 25 questions that you can use in a 360-degree review:


1. Does this person effectively prioritize their workload and meet deadlines?

2. What are the three best assets that contribute to this employees’ overall performance?

3. Does this employee exercise and deliver high standards of work quality?

4. Does this employee have high standards for ethics and integrity?

5. Is there an area where this employee could improve their performance?


6. Is this person showing demonstrated commitment to learning and development?

7. How has this person shown an incentive for growth and development?

8. What skills could this employee improve upon or what education might be useful?

9. How could this employee make improvements to help you meet your goals?

10. How proficient is this employee at setting goals and meeting deadlines?


11. Does this person employ problem-solving skills and look for creative solutions?

12. Does this person embody and practice our company values?

13. What are three words you would use to describe this employee?

14. How has this employee contributed to the overall success of the team?

15. Is this employee proactive in contributing independently and collaboratively?


16. Is this person good at communicating when they need help or support?

17. Does this person value diverse perspectives and ideas?

18. Does this person have strong interpersonal skills and create an inclusive environment?

19. Can this employee deliver clear and concise information in verbal, written, and group settings?

20. How effective is this person at sharing knowledge with others?

Strengths and weaknesses

21. Are you aware of any specific strengths that this person contributes to the team?

22. Are there any weaknesses or areas where you would like to see improvement?

23. Is this person open to receiving positive and negative feedback?

24. What is one thing this person should continue to do?

25. What are this person’s greatest successes and challenges over the last months?