Status update: Sub-ratings in performance reviews, https, and database upgrade completed

We’ve been busy, and as you can see on the changelog, there are a few new entries.

New https certificate

We have added proper HTTPS support: You can now at last access Small Improvements at, and we have a nice “extended validation” certificate, making your browser bar go green. Neat. We will be enforcing https  from May or so, so that all communication will be automatically secure, not just optionally.

Sub-ratings in performance reviews

Although we don’t believe that adding many ratings makes performance reviews any better, and although the crucial part is the self-reflection and the feedback you get from your manager, it can be useful to be able to rate a topic on a scale from x to y. And after the umpteenth client inquired about it, we had enough of all the questions and explaining, and simply coded it. And it turned out quite neat too:


Here’s what the configuration screen looks like: Simple, yet effective. You find it in the review cycle configuration.


Database upgrade

Now that’s a totally internal change, but the good news is there will be a lot less maintenance downtimes in our data center. In fact, we did the upgrade on the weekend, just ahead of a 2-hour-maintenance-downtime on Tuesday. Which won’t affect us anymore thanks to the change. Good timing!

That’s it for today!

Ah, and in case you happen to know anyone who’d like to work part time on our customer care team, do let us know! Here’s the job ad:

Customer care and support specialist, part time