Amazing new admin screens

We decided to entirely rewrite some of our administration screens. We started by creating new versions of the performance review and 360 review overview screens, and the results are impressive! We’ve been beta-testing the features with a few clients, and new evaluators since March have had access to the screens as well, so we’re now proud to announce their public availability.

The “classic” screens are still available, you’ll find a link in the top right corner. If you feel you’d like the old screens back until your current review cycle is over, please send us a mail. (We don’t really see any reason why you’d want the old screens back, but it’s possible)


A lot of the improvements are about speed and usability, so the video explains it best!


For those of you who are in a hurry, here are some screenshots!

Cleaner layout

We’ve moved all admin actions to the top left.


Improved cycle picker:

The cycle picker is now part of the header, groups all cycles and provides additional detail.


Admin actions to the top right:

The admin actions have been grouped by topic, and we’ve added a few new ways to notify your staff.

Email preview before sending bulk mail:

Before sending a mail to 500 employees, it’s advisable to double check your mail content. Now that’s part of the normal workflow.

All new “add reviewees” screen

This is the best part of the new screens: A org chart view of your company helps you decide who should get reviewed within the current cycle. You can also switch to list view without losing your selection, and sort by name or hiring date:

We’ve also improved tons of smaller details, like the ability to sort by each column, a new distribution of ratings, and more accessible timeline view. But you’ll have to experience it! 🙂 In case you run into any unexpected problems with the new screens, the old screens are still available, you can return to them by clicking the “return to old screen” link in the top right corner.


We have also started working on a new version of the user directory, and we’ll continue to iterate on the overview screens because we still have lots of plans. Let us know your thoughts!

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